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Medical Radiography

Admission Requirements

A rigorous, rewarding program

The rigor of this program requires students to have a high level of commitment and preparedness to be successful. In order to serve students best, the admission process for this program involves a selection process whereby applicants are selected, or compete for program entry, and ranked according to both academic and non-academicqualities. Applicants with the highest overall ranking are offered seats in the program.

Admission Requirements

Effective date: September 2020

Note Current high school applicants will be required to meet application deadlines. Provisional Qualification will not be given based on interim high school grades for this program.

Official documentation of all completed or in progress academic and non-academic admission requirements must be received by January 15, 2021.

Official documentation of any 'in progress' academic admission requirements must be received by the final document submission deadline: May 14, 2021.

Tip Where a letter grade is specified, you must have proof of that grade or higher.

Note All academic application requirements must be from within the last five years.

Requirement High school course Camosun course Alternatives
one of:
  • B in English 12
  • B in English Studies 12
  • B in English 12 First Peoples
  • B in English Language Proficiency
  • Non-BC high school
one of:
one of:
one of:
Medical Terminology   Completion of a Medical Terminology course consisting of a minimum of 60 instructional hours with a letter grade of B or higher.
Note The Medical Terminology Assessment administered through Island Health may not be used to meet this requirement.
Physical Requirements A completed the Acknowledgment of Physical and Program Requirements form.
Info Session Attendance at an Medical Radiography Program information session. An online information session is available for anyone unable to attend in person.
Volunteer Work 40 hours of volunteer work in a patient-related environment.
Non-academic assessment After the document submission deadline, all qualified applicants receive registration and scheduling instructions for their non-academic assessment. Students may take the assessment one time per application cycle and must do so within the prescribed timeframe indicated by the program. Students applying to other Allied Health & Technologies programs at Camosun College need only take the assessment once per application cycle.

Next steps

  • Once all applicants have completed the non-academic assessment, the program calculates an aggregate score for each applicant by equally weighting the academic (combined GPA of admission requirements) and non-academic assessment scores (indicators of program and future professional success) to determine which applicants will receive program seat invitations.
  • Once all aggregated scores are totaled, the students selected will be offered seats in the program for a given year, pending completion of the Program Participation Requirements prior to the program start date.

The program maintains a short waitlist for late entry into the same year due to student withdrawals or deferrals. Waitlists are not retained for future years. Those applicants meeting the admission requirements, but not gaining a seat in the year of application need to reapply in order to be eligible in a subsequent year.

Participation requirements

  • Students must accept assigned clinical site placements, subject to availability and capacity.
  • Students must have yearly respirator mask ‘fit-testing’ done. Students will be responsible for completing this process prior to the first clinical experience and for any associated costs.
  • Students must have completed and be current in Standard First Aid and CPR Level C prior to practicum. Annual recertification of CPR Level C must be maintained throughout the program. Students will be responsible for the cost of this certification.
  • Students must provide evidence that they do not have active TB. Acceptable evidence is a negative TB skin test or a negative chest x-ray. Evidence must be dated no more than six months before practicum start. Students are responsible for the cost of testing. An additional TB test is required after each possible exposure to TB and/or travel within an area that there is a known prevalence of TB.
  • Students must provide evidence of their immunizations or immunity to preventable, communicable diseases. Students are highly recommended to maintain current immunizations as per the Practice Education Guidelines of B.C. Recommended immunizations are found on the Health Sciences Placement Network of Canada website by searching for immunization guidelines. Failure to comply with immunization guidelines could result in the health care organization or the College barring the individual from the clinical/practicum setting until proof of immunity is provided and/or until a communicable disease outbreak is declared over. This could impact a student’s ability to successfully complete the clinical/practicum placement and/or a clinical/community rotation.
  • Students must provide their own transportation, meals, and accommodations while completing their clinical placement.
  • Criminal Record Check: During this program, you may be working with children and/or vulnerable adults. In order to participate in work integrated learning experiences, such as a practicum or work term, you will need to complete a criminal record check through the Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General for Camosun College. Camosun will email you with information on how to complete the Criminal Record Check (CRC) process. You are responsible for all associated costs.

Additional recommendations

  • Employers expect candidates to be fluent in the use of computers and electronic health information programs. Basic computer literacy, including experience with keyboarding, basic internet searches, and email skills are essential to developing this level of skill during the program.
  • The majority of program content is managed via an online learning management system (LMS) at Camosun College. Students are expected to access these resources outside of normal classroom hours. In addition to Camosun College’s LMS, students will be required to access specialty applications unique to Allied Health programs during their clinical placements. In most cases, this requires that the student have reliable access to internet connectivity and the ability to run private applications on a remote computer workstation. The program will provide specific hardware and software recommendations to students who wish to purchase personal equipment.
  • Students may be responsible for other orientations, eLearning, testing, and/or credentials, as required by WorkSafeBC or the individual practicum placement agencies such as (but not limited to) annual training in organizational policies and procedures in order to be eligible for practicum activities. Students are completely responsible for the time and cost of completing these activities.

Completion requirements

You must achieve at least a C+ in each course and a COM for all practice-based courses in order to successfully complete the program and be awarded a Diploma in Medical Radiography.

External Licensing Certifications

Apply online

Application Deadlines

Next intake
September 2021
Application window
September 8-December 11, 2020 at noon
Initial admission requirements submission
January 15, 2021
Final documents submission
May 14, 2021

The application deadline for the September 2020 intake is now closed.

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