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Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant

What You’ll Learn

Prepare to work in the medical lab

The Medical Laboratory Assistant program prepares you for immediate employment in the health care field. You'll learn about specimen collection and safety, laboratory procedures and techniques, legal and ethical guidelines, human anatomy and physiology, as well as customer service and patient management with emphasis on the human and cultural diversity encountered in the Canadian Healthcare System.

What to expect

Located at our Lansdowne campus, the full-time Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant (CMLA) Program is a comprehensive one-year (ten months), entry-level certificate in pre-analytic laboratory sciences.

Flexible pathways for progression and a variety of approaches to educational delivery prepare you for clinical practicum opportunities in both hospital and community based laboratories throughout Vancouver Island. Course delivery includes traditional face-to-face and blended classroom instruction, practical simulation labs, teaching clinic integrations, technology-enhanced applied learning, and on-line courses.

You can expect to spend about one to three hours per day on homework, including weekends. Practicum placement locations are available throughout Vancouver Island. During your placement, you work four, 7-hour days, for up to seven weeks. Your might be scheduled for days, evenings, or weekend shifts.

Academic Term 1

Effective date: May 2019

In your first term, you’ll dive right into learning phlebotomy by actually performing venipuncture and capillary collections on your fellow classmates – and they on you! Using many of the skills you learn about workplace communication and patient management, you’ll practice your new skills during labs in authentic simulation environments. During this term, you’ll also have the opportunity to develop or strengthen your understanding of Indigenous people and learn more about their worldviews.

  Course Course Name Credits Tuition
Total 17 See What it Costs
All of AHLT 104 Professional Communication for Allied Health 2 $440.70
AHLT 112 Patient Management for Allied Health 3 $881.40
IST 120* Introduction to Indigenous Peoples 3 $493.67
MLAB 117 Medical Laboratory Procedures 1 3 TBD
MLAB 121 Laboratory & Phlebotomy Skills 1 3 TBD
MLAB 139 Pre-Analytics & Laboratory Principles 3 TBD

Academic Term 2

Effective date: May 2019

In your second term, you’ll delve deeper into technical laboratory skill development to further build your knowledge and develop your practice capabilities. You’ll develop and enhance your teamwork and communication skills by participating in Interdisciplinary activities, expand your understanding of diagnostic science in laboratory pathophysiology and learn how to perform ECGs – a required practice capability for MLAs in BC.

  Course Course Name Credits Tuition
Total 16 See What it Costs
All of AHLT 134 Legal & Professional Ethics in Allied Health 2 $440.70
HLSC 264 Interprofessional Practices 2 $440.70
MIDS 167 Basic Electrocardiography 3 TBD
MLAB 147 Laboratory & Phlebotomy Procedures 2 3 TBD
MLAB 151 Laboratory & Phlebotomy Skills 2 3 TBD
MLAB 173 Laboratory Pathophysiology 3 TBD

Academic Term 3

Effective date: May 2019

During your final term, you’ll participate in a 7-week clinical practicum designed to ensure that you meet the BCSLS provincial and CSMLS national entry-to-practice requirements. You’ll demonstrate your capabilities under the supervision of designated employees working as qualified Medical Laboratory Assistants and Technologists.

  Course Course Name Credits Tuition
Total 3 See What it Costs
All of PRAC 180 CMLA Clinical Practicum 3 TBD

*Students who can demonstrate that they already meet the intended outcomes of IST 120 may substitute other courses relating to Indigenous histories, health, or education and should meet with an Academic Advisor.

Note Tuition costs for the current academic year listed above are for domestic students and do not include any additional fees. See the What it Costs page for details.

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