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Medical Laboratory Assistant

Admission Requirements

Program Suspended

Camosun College is restructuring and redeveloping the Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA) program. We believe these changes will better prepare graduates for employment in the Canadian job market, and provide enhanced access to future professional growth.

We thank you for your patience as we continue to develop a program that meets the current demands of industry, while also seeking opportunities to reach out to a broader demographic of learner.

To learn more about the direction our new program is taking, consider attending one of our information sessions or fill out the Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant Program Interest Form.

Admission requirements

When you apply you will need to submit proof that you meet the following admission requirements.

Tip Where a letter grade is specified, you must have proof of that grade or higher.

Requirement High school course Camosun course Alternatives
one of:
one of:
Grade 12 Completed Grade 12 graduation or equivalent
Keyboarding Keyboarding to a minimum of 40 net words* per minute within six months prior to application. Test must be from a recognized organization and show gross words, timing, errors, etc. *The Med Lab Program deducts two points per error if gross words plus errors are submitted.
Medical Experience or Education

One of the following:

  • A letter grade of C+ or higher in Camosun College's Medical Terminology course, or another Medical Terminology course with a minimum of 60 hours; or
  • Letter grade of C or higher in a Human Biology course (e.g. Biology 12 or BIOL 103); or
  • Minimum of six months paid or volunteer work or education in a health care field.

Missing admission requirements?

Camosun offers alternative courses and upgrading programs to help you get started.

International students interested in Continuing Education certificate programs should contact International Admissions directly for consultation.

Participation requirements

  • Criminal Record Check: During this program, you may be working with children and/or vulnerable adults. In order to participate in work integrated learning experiences, such as a practicum or work term, you will need to complete a criminal record check through the Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General for Camosun College. Camosun will email you with information on how to complete the Criminal Record Check (CRC) process. You are responsible for all associated costs.
  • Students are responsible to provide evidence that they do not have active TB. Acceptable evidence is a negative TB skin test or a negative chest x-ray. Evidence must be dated no more than six months before practicum start. Students are responsible for the cost of the testing. An additional TB test is required after each possible exposure to TB and/or travel within an area that there is a known prevalence of TB.
  • Students are highly recommended to maintain current immunizations as per the Practice Education Guidelines of B.C. Recommended immunizations can be found here PDF. Failure to comply with immunization guidelines could result in the health care organization or the college barring the individual from the clinical setting until proof of immunity is provided and/or until a communicable disease outbreak is declared over. This could impact a student's ability to successfully complete the clinical placement course and/or a clinical/community rotation.

Personal qualities for success

The following personal attributes are recommended for success in this program:

  • Have a strong sense of responsibility, a caring nature, an interest in the well-being of others, particularly the sick and elderly
  • Demonstrate good interpersonal skills, communication, and dependability
  • Enjoy performing precise work, where details can be a matter of life or death
  • Enjoy being a member of a productive, disciplined team
  • Be able to complete repetitive tasks accurately
  • Maintain accuracy even in stressful or emergency situations
  • Be willing to take direction and work competently without constant supervision
  • Truly care about and find satisfaction in providing service to people
  • Is conscientious regarding safety issues

Health considerations for program and career

Please consider the following before applying to the program. You should:

  • Have good physical fitness and mental acuity; this includes good eyesight and hearing
  • Have good manual dexterity and enjoy working with your hands
  • Be prepared to be exposed to the symptoms of hospitalized patients. As in most health care professions you will be in close contact with infectious diseases.
  • Have good back and neck health.
  • Be able to handle lengthy periods of time standing and bending.
  • Recognize that the profession is both physically and mentally demanding and therefore must be able to cope well in a stressful environment
  • Be prepared for extensive hand-washing. As a Medical Laboratory Assistant you must wear gloves while performing each procedure and will also wash your hands frequently using soap. Some people with skin disorders find the wearing of latex and other types of protective gloves, and the frequency of hand washing worsens their condition.
  • Be able to tolerate exposure to latex products.
  • Hepatitis B and the flu vaccine are highly recommended and are available at any walk in clinic or through your physician.
  • If you have any back, neck, or arm injury or a serious skin disorder such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis or latex allergy, please consider carefully before making application to this program.

If you have any significant health challenges please discuss your concerns with your physician prior to applying. Upon registering, please consult with the Disability Resource Centre or the Med Lab Program Coordinator.

Completion requirements

  • Successful completion of all courses with a minimum of C+ in 401V, 403V, 405V, 408V, 411V, 412V and "COM" in 409V and 410V.
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