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Fine Furniture/Joinery Trades Foundation

What You’ll Learn

The basics and more

The 3-level cluster training teaches you the basics from theoretical lectures and demonstrations to more advanced techniques. You'll have the opportunity to work with a variety of products used in furniture making.

Fine Furniture/Joinery Trades Foundation

Term 1 - Fall

In the first sixteen-week term, through a series of theoretical lectures and demonstrations and shop-based practical projects, students will develop basic skills and acquire practical competency with hand and power tools used in the furniture trade, with an emphasis on safety. In addition, students will learn about wood products and materials, basic joinery, fastening methods, selection and use of adhesives and abrasive materials. Students will also be introduced to commercial practices and the processes of design.

Course Course Name
FURN 152  Fine Furniture 1

Term 2 - Winter

In the second sixteen-week term students develop skills with more advanced techniques including veneering, laminating, lathe turning, carving, and shaping curves. Students will progress through more advanced joinery techniques, as well as finishing topcoat materials and application techniques, and the use of non-wood products in furniture making. Students will also expand their knowledge of commercial practices, design principles and receive more information on furniture history.

Course Course Name
FURN 154  Fine Furniture 2

Term 3 - Spring

In the final eight-week term, students refine their presentation techniques and become more adept at the commercial practices inherent in the furniture trade. Students also learn basic techniques of upholstery, furniture restoration and repair. As a final project, students design and construct a piece of furniture, which is evaluated by a panel of experts and included in a public exhibition.

Course Course Name
FURN 156  Fine Furniture 3

To be eligible to obtain a Certificate in Joinery Furniture, you must successfully complete weeks 1-32 (terms 1 and 2).

To be eligible to obtain a Certificate in Fine Furniture and Joinery Foundation, you must successfully complete weeks 1-40 (terms 1, 2 and 3).

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