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English Language Development (ESL)

In their Own Words

Camosun's English Language Development programs will set you on the right path for your future studies or work. Former students talk about where ELD programs have taken them.

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Jenny Dueck

Jenny DueckGratitude. That’s the word Jenny Dueck utters more that any other when asked about her job at Camosun College. Jenny landed a coveted permanent position as Secretary III in the Health and Human Services office, no easy accomplishment for someone who - only a few years prior - arrived in Victoria unable to speak a word of English.

Initially, her Canadian husband suggested she relax and get to know Canada slowly. Having come all the way from Honduras where she had earned a teaching certificate, a Bachelor of Business, and an MBA, Jenny had no intention of pursuing a life of leisure. “I wanted to build a future. I had the motivation, but I didn’t have a map. Camosun became my map.”

In her home country, Jenny had worked for over 14 years in the banking sector. Clearly, she had a strong ability with numbers, but she realized that to obtain a job in Victoria, she would have to learn English. Where others might have seen a roadblock, Jenny saw a mere hurdle. She immediately enrolled in Camosun’s ELD program, and after completing level I, she leapt directly into level II. “For one class assignment, we had to interview a Camosun employee. I chose to interview someone in the HR department, and I’m so glad I did!” That HR employee, quickly spotting Jenny’s enthusiasm and talent, suggested she apply for a position at the college. Jenny met the challenge with courage; one position led to another, and ultimately she became a permanent, full-time employee at Camosun.

“Camosun opened every door for me. I am so grateful; working for the college allows me to give something back. I try my best each day at work, not just with my skills, but with love - always with love.”

Insu Kim

"At Camosun you're not just an ELD student; you're part of a whole learning community."

Insu, from Korea, is an ELD - Level 2 graduate currently studying Communications at Simon Fraser University.

Gabriela Rivera

"I found out that at Camosun learning English is about more than just grammar. It’s about better ways to think and to express myself. Now I’m working towards my dream, which is a degree in political science."

Gabriela, from El Salvador, is an ELD - Level 2 graduate currently taking University Transfer at Camosun College.

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