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Engineering Transfer

What You’ll Learn

Master the fundamentals of engineering

Use both sides of your brain! Engineers need to be creative, yet logical thinkers. In the Engineering Transfer program you'll sharpen your skills in math, physics, English, chemistry, computer science and engineering courses.

What to expect

You will take three terms over the course of ten months. Terms 1 and 2 take place at the Lansdowne campus in the fall (September to December) and winter (January to April). Term 3 takes place at the Interurban campus in the spring (May to June).

After mastering the basics of math, physics, English, chemistry, and computer science during the first two terms, you will learn about engineering design and mechanical engineering in your final term. After your time at Camosun, you will be well on your way toward your Engineering degree at UVic or at another university.

Year 1

Academic Term 1 (September through December at Lansdowne)

Course Course Name Credits
Total Credits 18
All of: CHEM 120 College Chemistry 1 4
COMP 132 Programming Using Java 3
ENGL 151 Academic Writing Strategies 3
MATH 100 Calculus 1 4
PHYS 140 Physics for Scientists and Engineers 1 4

Academic Term 2 (January through April at Lansdowne)

Course Course Name Credits
Total Credits 18 or 19
All of: ENGL 251 Advanced Communication 3
MATH 101 Calculus 2 4
MATH 125 Introduction to Linear Algebra 4
PHYS 141 Physics for Scientists and Engineers 2 4
One of:* COMP 139 Applied Computer Programming 3
STAT 218 Probability and Statistics 1 4


  • If you are targeting the Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSEng) program at UVic, take COMP 139 in the Winter.
  • If you are targeting the Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) program at UVic, you have a choice of taking COMP 139 or STAT 218 in the Winter.

Academic Term 3 (May through June at Interurban)

Course Course Name Credits
Total Credits 7
All of: ENGR 175 Engineering Mechanics - Statics 3
ENGR 195 Introduction to Engineering Design 4


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