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Engineering Graphics Technician

In their Own Words

Recent graduates share their experiences in the Engineering Graphics Technician program and why it worked for them.

Patrick & Britney

Patrick came to the Engineering Graphics Technician (EGT) program through Camosun's Building Employment Success for Tomorrow (BEST) program: “Knowing that I had artistic traits, I knew that there was a broad field of opportunities out there. The BEST program introduced me to the Engineering Graphics Technician Program which really sparked my interest. After going to an Info Session and attending a couple of informational interviews, I knew this program was for me.”

For Britney she was researching careers at high school when she came across the EGT program, “it seemed like a perfect fit as it balanced creativity with logic.”

“The Engineering Graphics Program offers a vast variety of skill sets: being able to learn and use my creativity in multiple different ways was very satisfying. With a class of 17 students, learning to communicate with others in group projects came naturally. EGT provided assignments and projects that drew our class closer together, which made learning easier and fun," boasts Patrick.

With their final project deadline approaching, Britney and eleven other classmates were scrambling to finish in time. “It was getting later, probably close to 7:30-8pm and we were all hungry, so the decision was made to order pizza. Yep, right to the school. Once it was there we all gathered in the atrium of the Technology building and had dinner together then continued working”, Britney remembers with a smile. The classmates were a tight group that learned the importance of team commitment and time management.

As for the internship, Pat had the following positive experience: “Being accepted by Viking Air as an intern was a major accomplishment. The EGT program instructors and Ross Lyle did a fantastic job with helping students find job placements. They were very quick and efficient with contacting local companies and providing all the students the work experience we needed.”

Britney is excited to look for work in her field: “The opportunities for a job are higher than they were before I started my schooling, and will continue to grow. As for how long it took me to get a job out of it, well I finished my internship and that day I was contracted for another five months.”

Now that Pat has graduated he wants to diversify his skills. “Whether it will be in the Mechanical, Architectural, or the Graphic Design field, I am equipped with the skills and credentials to find work.”

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