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Mechanical Engineering Bridge to UVic

The Mechanical Engineering Bridge to the University of Victoria program is offered by Camosun College with co-operation of the University of Victoria (UVic). Students with an approved diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology, or a related discipline, can take this one year program to upgrade their mathematics, sciences, and related engineering knowledge in preparation for entering the third year of Engineering at the University of Victoria.

The Mechanical Engineering Bridge to the University of Victoria program is offered in the Winter and Fall semesters for entry into the third year of Engineering at the University of Victoria in January.

An Internship work term is optional for this program.

Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineers design and build machines and other products, such as robots, spacecraft, automobiles, artificial limbs, amusement park rides, elevators, and manufacturing equipment. If something moves or uses energy, mechanical engineering was probably involved in its design or production.

The Bridge to UVic study option is offered January through December. You'll start your third year of the Bachelor of Engineering degree program at UVic in January the following year.

Once accepted into UVic you will be required to participate in a mandatory Co-op, however, some work terms from your technology diploma may be transferable between institutions.

Program courses

Effective date: September 2019

Academic Term 1 (Winter: January to April)

  Course Course Name Credits Tuition
Total 21 See What it Costs
All of CHEM 150 Engineering Chemistry 4 $468.00
COMP 166 Programming 1 for Engineers 3 $324.00
ENGL 151 Academic Writing Strategies 3 $412.65
MATH 250A Intermediate Calculus 1 4 $438.00
MATH 251 Matrix Algebra for Engineers 4 $438.00
STAT 254 Probability and Statistics 3 $350.40

Academic Term 2 (Fall: September to December)

  Course Course Name Credits Tuition
Total 20 See What it Costs
All of COMP 139E Data Structures & Applications 3 $360.00
ECET 250E Linear Circuits 1 4 $679.16
ENGR 290 Materials and Thermodynamics 3 $216.00
MATH 250B Intermediate Calculus 2 3 $350.40
MATH 252 Applied Differential Equations 3 $350.40
PHYS 210 Electricity and Magnetism 4 $432.00

Internship (Optional)

In addition to regular program content, students pursuing the Internship designation will be required to complete at least one work term.

Note To be eligible to participate in a Co–op or Internship term, you need to successfully complete all first-term courses with a minimum GPA of 3.0, be fully enrolled in the academic term immediately preceeding the work term with a minimum of nine (9) credits, and complete the workshop series CDEV WPS prior to your first work term. You must also receive approval from the Applied Learning, Co-operative Education and Career Services department.

  Course Course Name Credits Tuition
Total 4See What it Costs
All of CDEV WPS Workplace Preparation Skills 0 $118.79
ENGR 104 Work Term 1 4 $638.54

Internship Schedule

Note Students may complete more than the required minimum number of work terms for the respective designation up to a maximum of two work terms.

Year Fall Term (Sep-Dec) Winter Term (Jan-Apr) Summer Term (May-Aug)
1 Academic Term 1 ENGR 104 Academic Term 2

Note Tuition costs for the current academic year listed above are for domestic students and do not include any additional fees. See the What it Costs page for details.

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