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Engineering Bridge

Admission Requirements

Mechanical Engineering Bridge to UVic

Students with an approved diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology, or a related discipline, can take this one year program to upgrade their mathematics, sciences, and related engineering knowledge in preparation for entering the third year of Engineering at the University of Victoria.

Admission requirements

To bridge to UVic into Mechnical Engineering, apply before June 1 and submit supporting documention before June 15, for the following September intake at Camosun.

When you apply you will need to submit proof that you meet the following admission requirements.

Tip Where a letter grade is specified, you must have proof of that grade or higher.

Requirement Details
Mechanical Engineering Technology diploma

One of:

  • A diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology1 within the last 5 years with a minimum cummulative GPA of 5.0 (B) and no individual course marks below a "C" grade - 2 official copies

  • A Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology1 more than 5 years ago with a minimum cummulative GPA of 5.0 (B) and no individual course marks below a "C" grade - 2 official copies and a Letter of Intent outlining work experience and or professional development since graduation

  • A diploma from another closely related discipline within the last 5 years with a minimum cummulative GPA of 5.0 (B) and no individual course marks below a "C" grade and approved by the Engineering Bridge Coordinator) - 2 official copies


All of:

  • High school transcripts - 2 official copies

  • Other postsecondary transcripts - 2 official copies2

Regardless of relevance to Engineering studies all postsecondary transcripts must be submitted


  1. Diploma programs must be Canadian Engineering Technologies accredited to be accepted for admission.
  2. Camosun College diploma graduates are not required to submit Camosun College transcripts; however an additional copy of secondary and other post-secondary transcripts is needed upon application.
  3. "In progress" transcripts may be accepted if students are currently enrolled in the final courses of their diploma program. The courses must be completed prior to acceptance for admission.

Applying to bridge to UVic

While enrolled in the Bridge programs you will be asked to apply to UVic. The UVic application deadline is September 30 each year to start in the following January term. When you apply, you will be asked to submit:

  • UVic application form
  • UVic application fee

Note: The second set of transcripts that you submitted upon application to Camosun College will be sent to UVic. No additional transcripts are needed at this stage; however, the university will require final transcripts from your Bridge program upon completion.

Completion requirements

To obtain the Camosun College Bridge credential, students must obtain a "C" grade or higher in each course.

To obtain the Camosun College Bridge credential and to be eligible for admission to third year of the Engineering Program at the University the following criteria is applicable:

  • Students must obtain a "C" grade or higher in each course. If a "D" or "F" grade is received, the student must repeat the course and obtain a grade of "C+" or higher. Repetition of a course to obtain a higher grade will only be permitted once.
  • The Camosun College Bridge Program must be completed within two consecutive years. If a student wants to drop or withdraw from any course they must obtain permission prior to doing so, as there may be consequences that could adversely affect their admission to the University. Students must consult Academic Advising regarding any program or course changes.

Apply online

Engineering Bridge to UVic or UBC

Application deadline
Bridge to UBC: March 1 (September intake)
Bridge to UVic: June 1 (January intake)
Documents/transcripts deadline
Bridge to UBC: March 15 (September intake)
Bridge to UVic: June 15 (January intake)

Missing admission requirements?

Camosun offers a Mechanical Engineering Technology diploma if you don't already have your credential.

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