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Engineering Bridge

Admission Requirements

To be admitted into the Engineering Bridge program, you require a nationally-accredited technology diploma in a matching discipline. To see if your program may be accepted, go to the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists (CCTT) and check if your program is listed.

Admission to Engineering Bridge

UVic Information Booklet PDF

UBC Information Booklet PDF

Camosun's Engineering Bridge programs are demanding and require a high level of commitment. The admission process is designed to identify the students most likely to succeed at the university level. The number of applicants meeting minimum GPA standard for admission may be greater than the number of seats in the program. This may mean a higher GPA is used to determine admission eligibility.

Admission requirements

Calculating your GPA

Ranking of applicants into the Bridge program is based on the cumulative grade point average (GPA) in your approved Technology diploma program. The minimum cumulative GPA to qualify for consideration is 5.0 (B) on Camosun's 9-point scale, with a minimum grade of C in all courses. If you have a course with less than a C grade, it is recommended that you retake or challenge the course to obtain a better grade. Both course attempts contribute to your cumulative GPA.

You may apply to the Bridge program while you are in the second year of your Technology diploma program. We will evaluate your application based on your marks at the application deadline. Please ensure that the transcripts submitted show your most recent term completed. Final diploma-awarded transcripts will be required immediately following completion of your technology diploma. We will review your transcripts to ensure that you have successfully completed the in-progress courses and maintained the minimum GPA requirements.

Based on GPA, a select number of applicants will be offered a seat in the program.

Engineering Bridge to UVic or UBC

Application deadline
Bridge to UBC: March 1 (September intake)
Bridge to UVic: June 1 (January intake)
Documents/transcripts deadline
Bridge to UBC: March 15 (September intake)
Bridge to UVic: June 15 (January intake)

Have you been out of school a few years?

We strongly recommended that math courses be completed within the last 5 years.

If you are a graduate of a program with minimal chemistry, you may wish to take a college level chemistry course in preparation for entry into the Bridge program.

If more than 5 years have passed since your graduation, please contact us before applying.

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