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Employment Training and Preparation

Certificates in Employment Training and Preparation

Come to college and surprise yourself!

Applied academic, entry level, hands-on learning

With our help and support, you’ll learn entry-level employment skills, obtain external certifications, get practical workplace experience, and develop the confidence to pursue further learning, volunteering and employment opportunities.

Please contact us for January 2016 program admission

Programs that fit you

Whether you're looking for entry-level skills, creative hands-on learning, or a training environment that suits how you learn best, Employment Training and Preparation (ETP) programs provide options.

ETP prepares you for entering employment in industries that focus on customer service, food service, gardening and food production, and construction and materials handling.

A supportive learning environment

We offer flexible learning programs that start where you are now and provide a foundation to help you develop the confidence to pursue further learning, volunteering and employment.  We’ll help you connect with the college community and enjoy meaningful employment experiences.

Whether you love getting your hands in the dirt or working with people, our supportive staff will help you grow.

Sharpen your skills!

Gain customer service, time management and communication skills. You'll learn telephone and interview skills, how to deal with common workplace problems, and how to prepare a resumé and undertake an effective job search. 

We’ll prepare you to ask questions that will help you when job hunting and give you opportunities to work on basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills. As well, you can get certifications like First Aid, WorldHost, FoodSafe and a modified WHMIS.

Sample the campus

Secondary school students will learn more about Employment Training and Preparation by taking the Sample the Campus program through the South Island Partnership (SIP).

The Sample the Campus program is designed specifically for students with a variety of learning challenges. You'll prepare for entry-level employment in food service, customer service and gardening for four Fridays in the winter semester (dates to be confirmed by the South Island Partnership office).

Choose the Employment Training Preparation  program following Sample the Campus, and get a head start on your studies.

Employment Training and Preparation

Four months
Study Options
Full-time or part-time
Work Experience
90 hours
January or September
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