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Field trips, speakers and the option to study abroad will enrich your time as an Economics student.

Microeconomics students visit Hartland Landfill

This year marks the fifth year that Principles of Microeconomics students in the School of Business visited CRD's Hartland Landfill. Students learned how the methane is siphoned off of the rotting garbage and converted to green electricity on site by Fortis BC, rather than going into the atmosphere, and how the revenues from the methane are shrinking as more and more garbage is recycled rather than being buried to rot in the ground.

Students were also treated to a visit with a falconer from Pacific Northwest Raptors to learn about how the landfill handles another externality, the spread of garbage to the surrounding neighbourhood by gulls raiding the garbage. The hawk works at the landfill to disperse the gulls.

On the tour, students also learn how the landfill revenues generate a profit to the CRD, more than covering the costs of all landfill activities including back office jobs, as well as the challenges to those revenues.  Given the enormous fixed cost of creating a landfill, this one prolongs its life by finding ways to recycle rather than bury more products, creating a local market for recycled inputs purchased through an open bidding process. 

Each year brings some different challenge, solution or program at the landfill.  This year we learned that Hartland has been selected to decontaminate and dehydrate the sludge from Victoria's sewer system and use the dehydrated waste as fuel. 

The students' work is not complete until they submit their assignments based on the visit. This year, students have been provided with the College's waste audit and challenged to help the College increase its diversion rate of recycled materials, lowering costs for the College. We received this e-mail from one of the students that attended:

"To be totally honest I wasn't that excited about going but once I got there I thought it was so amazing! What an informative and interesting trip. It opened my eyes to what is going on with garbage disposal and the revenue they can create from it and also the extensive recycling station. It made me want to be more aware of what I compost, recycle and throw out. I think it was a very valuable trip that you should continue to take students on!"

China Field School

Unique opportunity for Business and Economics Students

During the May-June 2013 semester, Economics and Business students from Camosun had an opportunity to take two courses while participating in a Field School in Beijing, China. The courses, ECON 210 Money and Banking and BUS 460 International Trade and Finance, were taught by Camosun instructors and are transferable to the University of Victoria.

The group spent five weeks on campus in Victoria before they traveling to Beijing, where they experienced their theoretical studies at work! The field school included business and cultural field trips including visits to Beijing stock exchange, central bank, Da Hong Meng, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, and more.

The field school was hosted by Camosun’s partner institution, the Beijing College of Finance and Commerce. Camosun faculty member, Ocean Lu, was the on-site coordinator, supervisor and instructor.

For more information on Camosun's Field Schools, please contact or 250-370-3682

Speaker Series

Economics, Finance, UT Business Speaker Series brings experts to Camosun.

Since 2011, the Economics, Finance, UT Business Speaker Series has brought graduate students, visiting faculty, and community practitioners to discuss ideas and initiatives from a range of disciplines and perspectives.

Past Speakers

  • Justin Aylward, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager
    "Bonds and Current Market Outlook"
  • Peter Bell, PhD Candidate
    University of Victoria
    "Monetary Policy: Transmission Mechanisms"
  • Derek Cockburn, President, & Martha Thomas, Vice President
    Financial Management Institute of Canada
    "Financial Management Institute of Canada - Facts, Mission and Opportunities"
  • Todd Dunlop, CEO & Ryan Gerhardt, President
    Tap for Tap Mobile Ad Network
    "Mobile Advertising and Economics"
  • Rebecca Ewing, Manager, Trade Policy
    Ministry of International Trade
    "Canada-US Softwood Lumber Dispute"
  • Carol Frketich, BC Regional Economist
    “What’s ahead for BC Housing Market”
  • Nino Gogoladze, Financial Planner
    “Managing Credit Risk”, “Your Future by Design – Career in Financial Planning”
  • Todd Litman, Founder and Executive Director
    Victoria Transport Policy Institute
    "The economics behind our transit system"
  • Dr. Farid Novin, Senior Representative, BC Regional Branch
    Bank of Canada
    “Economic Performance, Monetary Policy  and  Economic Outlook”
  • Matt O’Rae, Director of Corporate Finance, & Alvaro Tascon, Portfolio and Project Manager
    Ministry of Finance
    “Capital Markets and Debt Management at the Province of British Columbia”
  • Chantelle Schieven, Economist
    Dundee Wealth Management
    "Overview of Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Europe and USA"
  • Martina Stumpf, PhD Candidate
    University of Victoria
    “OPEC & Environment: How Oil Cartels affect the amount of pollution”
  • Susan Tychie, Founder
    Share Organics
    “Lessons in Sustainability”
  • Helene Walia, Financial Educator
    Credit Counselling Society, BC
    "Credit Debt Counselling Workshop"
  • Kerry Young, Director of the Labor Market Forecasting and Analysis Branch
    Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills
    “Overview of Labour Market Forecast: Shortages and Opportunities”

Finance Week


Click on the image to see the poster details.

Camosun's Finance Week is held in November of each year, coinciding with Canada’s Financial Literacy Month (FLM).

Students improve their financial literacy and have an opportunity to attend informative sessions to learn more about the programs, courses, and university transfer options our department offers and hear from industry experts on careers in finance.

For more information on events scheduled for 2014, contact

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