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Sonographer performs an ultrasound on patient as instruct assists.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Diploma in Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Advanced Certificate in Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Become an in-demand medical imaging professional

Important Notice:

Diagnostic Medical Sonography program delayed until May 2021

Given the COVID-19 situation, and our health care system’s current capacity and focus on the pandemic response, Camosun College’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography program start date is delayed until May 2021.

We thank everyone for your patience and understanding, and we look forward to welcoming our new Sonography students to campus in 2021.

If you have questions, please contact Camosun College Admissions Office:

For more information visit:

Vital part of healthcare

This comprehensive program will prepare you for an essential role in the healthcare team by producing ultrasound scans used to diagnose, treat, and monitor a variety of medical conditions. Explore core sonographic competencies and one of three specialty disciplines, General, Cardiac, or Vascular.

In demand profession

Certified ultrasound technologists are one of the most in-demand and sought-after diagnostic imaging health professionals. Due to expanding services, rapidly emerging technologies, and increasing patient populations sonographers command top salaries and often find permanent employment opportunities immediately after graduation.

Are you a future Diagnostic Medical Sonographer?

Sonographers and echocardiographers image vital organs, beating hearts, and babies in the womb to provide physicians with technical impressions of findings used for diagnosing, treating, and monitoring a variety of medical conditions.

To succeed in this demanding program and career, you should have strong academic skills, good organizational practices and a sense of social responsibility and caring. You'll be working in a team environment, using your ability to think critically and problem solve while expressing a real desire to serve the public.

You should be an independent learner with the ability to integrate and apply information. Computer literacy is essential since many courses will be taught online.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Diploma or Advanced Certificate
Two years, including summers (Diploma)
Four months (Advanced Certificate)
Study Options
Full-time; flexible study options available
Work Experience
Supervised clinical practicum
Health & Human Services
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