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Computer Systems Technology

What it Costs

CST no longer offered as of September 2016

The Computer Systems Technician and Technology programs have been updated, and are no longer being offered in this format.

Students interested in computer systems can now apply to the new Information and Computer Systems program.

An investment in your career

Invest in yourself! One or two years at Camosun can prepare you for a career ranging from IT help desk customer service, application specialist, website development and database administration to software engineering and senior technology leadership.

Estimated Tuition Fees

Effective until August 31, 2018.

Term Credential after completion Tuition International Tuition
Academic Term 1 n/a $2,050 $7,000
Academic Term 2 n/a $1,820 $7,000
Academic Term 3 Certificate $1,050 $7,000
Work Term 1
Internship designation only
Certificate with Internship designation $590 $1,350
Academic Term 4 n/a $1,730 $7,000
Academic Term 5 n/a $2,000 $7,000
Academic Term 6 Diploma $1,100 $7,000
Work Term 2
Optional additional work term for Internship designation
Diploma with Internship designation $765 $1,350

Estimated additional costs

  • Application fee: $41 | International application fee: $100
  • Student Society fees: $45.93 per month, plus $254 per year for health and dental benefits
  • Textbooks and modules: Certificate: $1,500 | Diploma: $2,600
  • Expendable supplies: Certificate: $300 | Diploma: $675
  • Lab supplies: $50

Financial aid

Estimated cost

The cost of this program from start to finish is approximately:

Diploma with Internship


International students


All prices are estimates.

These prices cover tuition, all work terms, student fees, textbooks and other supplies.

A rewarding career

With a Certificate in Computer Systems Technician, your annual salary will be approximately:

As a Diploma in Computer System Technology graduate, your annual salary will be approximately:

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