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Camosun Comic Arts Festival 2019

Poster Designs

Every year for CCAF a new poster design is created. From 2013-2017 posters were created by the co-creator of the Comics & Graphic Novel program, Ken Steacy. In 2018, the torch was passed to one of the programs alumni.

2019 Poster Design - Georgia Ma

Hey, Georgia here! I was given the pleasure of creating the CCAF poster for 2019. It was done in inks and watercolours with a healthy dose of Photoshop in post-production. The idea behind it stemmed from those commercials you'd see on TV of some poor shmuck just going about their business when a cartoon character pops out of nowhere to pedal a fun and often colourful product. It seemed to work great for them so why not for us?

Georgia Ma graduated the Camosun Comics & Graphic Novels program in 2018. She was the recipient of the 2018 Pam Shemilt - Island Blue Print Comics and Graphic Novels Award.

2018 Poster Design

Past Years Poster Designs

2018 | Jess Pollard

2018 Poster Design

This is an acrylic ink drawing with digital colors, and it contains at least one lame pun, a ball of fluff, hand-drawn typefaces, and a cool eagle wearing sunglasses.

2017 | Ken Steacy

2017 Poster Design

Ken has donated his existing intellectual property for the poster, but changed the polymorphic alien from a cool blue to Camosun green!

2016 | Ken Steacy

2016 Poster Design

This year we repurposed the cover for an Edutainment (entertaining comics in service of education, instruction, & advocacy) book on physics that Ken had created.

2015 | Ken Steacy

2015 Poster Design

Wanting to try something different this year, the students did drawings of the characters from their comics, which Ken then inked and digitally coloured.

2014 | Ken Steacy

2014 Poster Design

We rebranded the event as 4C, and program co-creator Ken Steacy added characters by our guest mentors to an illustration originally done for a book on Canadian comics.

2013 | Ken Steacy

2013 Poster Design

Our first festival was called the Camosun College Comics Conference, and the poster focused on the six learning outcomes of the Comics & Graphic Novels program.

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