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Camosun Comic Arts Festival 2020

Poster Designs

Every year for CCAF a new poster design is created. From 2013-2017 posters were created by the co-creator of the Comics & Graphic Novel program, Ken Steacy. In 2018, the torch was passed on to the programs alumni and they have not disappointed with an array of colourful and talented illustrations.

2020 Poster Design - Claire McDonald

Artist's statement: "I came up with the poster by trying to illustrate my morning walk to Camosun and all the exciting ideas I couldn't wait to draw when I arrived."

Claire McDonald was last year's winner of the Pam Shemilt / IslandBlue Award.

Nexus Newspaper spoke with Claire last year and here are some highlights from that article when asked about her thoughts around displaying her work to the public and how comics can be full of compromises and inherent limitations.

“I think it’s a really big part of comics, not only just selling your comics, but selling yourself, and that’s a skill that we need to know as entrepreneurs. How to sell yourself, what kind of merch people like, how to go to a con and be prepared for that." says McDonald. She also shares, “Our prof has a good saying: ‘The absence of limitation is the enemy of art.’ It just talks about the fact that the more limitations you have, the more you have to problem-solve, the more you have to come up with clever solutions, which makes the art more powerful and more unique.”

2020 Poster Design

Past Years Poster Designs

2019 | Georgia Ma

2019 Poster Design

Inks, watercolours with Photoshop in post-production. Idea stems from commercials where cartoon character pops out of nowhere to pedal a fun and colourful product.

2018 | Jess Pollard

2018 Poster Design

This is an acrylic ink drawing with digital colors, and it contains at least one lame pun, a ball of fluff, hand-drawn typefaces, and a cool eagle wearing sunglasses.

2017 | Ken Steacy

2017 Poster Design

Ken has donated his existing intellectual property for the poster, but changed the polymorphic alien from a cool blue to Camosun green!

2016 | Ken Steacy

2016 Poster Design

This year we repurposed the cover for an Edutainment (entertaining comics in service of education, instruction, & advocacy) book on physics that Ken had created.

2015 | Ken Steacy

2015 Poster Design

Wanting to try something different this year, the students did drawings of the characters from their comics, which Ken then inked and digitally coloured.

2014 | Ken Steacy

2014 Poster Design

We rebranded the event as 4C, and program co-creator Ken Steacy added characters by our guest mentors to an illustration originally done for a book on Canadian comics.

2013 | Ken Steacy

2013 Poster Design

Our first festival was called the Camosun College Comics Conference, and the poster focused on the six learning outcomes of the Comics & Graphic Novels program.

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