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Comics & Graphic Novels

Comics & Graphic Novels

Certificate in Comics & Graphic Novels

Unique in the Canadian post-secondary public school system, this program teaches visual storytelling, a language composed of interconnected words and pictures. With the broad and diverse skill-set you will acquire, you can create comic books, graphic novels, web comics, and comic strips in any genre, as well as storyboards for gaming, film, video, and animation!

Telling your stories

Comics & Graphic Novels employ visual storytelling, a compound language of words and pictures. Visual storytellers create narratives of every imaginable genre including fiction, non-fiction, and creative non-fiction, and their broad skill-set is applicable to comic books, graphic novels, comic strips, web comics, and edutainment comics. This unique program addresses the specific needs of creators to understand, learn, and demonstrate their skills as visual storytellers.

Scholarships, bursaries and awards

There are many financial resources to tap into while you are at college to help with your education and living costs. The Comics & Graphic Novels program offers scholarships & awards that are specifically given to program students, as well as awards specific to the School of Arts and Science.

Fill out and submit your application to the School of Arts & Science by June 30. You may also want to visit Financial Aid & Awards for more information about funding.

As a graduate

As a graduate of this certificate program, you may choose to become a freelance comic book or graphic novel creator, working with established publishers or connecting directly with your audience online and at comic conventions. You'll have produced an impressive portfolio to demonstrate your abilities to publishers, clients and prospective employers, and may also pursue career opportunities in gaming, animation, graphic facilitation, illustration, or advertising.

If you'd like to continue your studies, you can stay at Camosun to pursue related programs, including the Diploma in Arts and Science Studies.

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Comics & Graphic Novels

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