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Civil Engineering Technology

What it Costs

An investment in your career

Invest in yourself! Camosun can prepare you for a career in Civil Engineering Technology and set you up for entry into an in-demand and diverse field.

Estimated Tuition Fees

Effective until August 31, 2019.

Term Tuition International Tuition
Academic Term 1 $2,965 $7,000 per term
Academic Term 2 $2,613 $7,000 per term
Academic Term 3 $3,590 $7,000 per term
Academic Term 4 $3,220 $7,000 per term
Internship Designation $613-796 $1,350 per work term
Co-op Designation $796-1,227 $1,350 per work term

Estimated additional costs

  • Application fee: $41.82 | International application fee: $100
  • Student Society fees: $46.45 per month, plus $262 per year for health and dental benefits
  • Textbooks and Modules: $2,900
  • Expendable Supplies: $650

Financial aid

Estimated cost

The cost of this program from start to finish is approximately:

Diploma with Co-op


International students


All prices are estimates.

These prices cover tuition, all work terms, student fees, textbooks and other supplies.

A rewarding career

As a Civil Engineering Technologist, you can earn an average annual salary of $66,000 to $95,000 per year.

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