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Post-Degree Diploma in Business Administration

Post-Degree Diploma in Business Administration-
Marketing Option

Add to your degree and open doors to a new Marketing career.

Prepare for a career in Marketing

You'll gain valuable business skills while building on past learning. You will study a broad range of marketing concepts with opportunities to develop competencies in corporate communications & marketing, consumer behaviour, and services marketing.

After Graduation

With a Post-Degree Diploma in Business Administration – Marketing option, career positions may include, but would not be limited to, business consulting, communications management, marketing and sales management, public relations, advertising, and customer service management.

Work Experience

You will gain practical skills and experience by combining your academic studies with relevant work experience in the Internship designation.

You'll graduate with practical work experience and employer references. Employers value internship as a source of eager and well-prepared talent and often use the internship process as a means of recruiting permanent employees.

Marketing Option

Post-Degree Diploma in Business Administration - Marketing Option
One or two years
Study Options
Full-time or part-time
Work Experience
Internship option
September, January or May

Student profile: Carla Monteiro


Carla’s passion for sustainability started when she was still in middle school. “That’s when I began to be aware of the effects of human actions on the planet and nature,” says Carla. Originally from Brazil, Carla came to Victoria to study marketing in Camosun’s post-degree program. When she started her program, she was happy to learn about different projects connected with sustainability and social justice. “One of the reasons that I chose to move to Victoria and stay in Canada is to connect with the values here and learn more about and work in the field of sustainability,” she says. The college’s focus on applied learning, the dedication of the instructors and staff, and the friendly, welcoming environment made a difference in her experience at Camosun and in Canada.

Carla will take the skills she’s learned and pursue work in marketing. “If I can focus on areas I’m passionate about, such as education and sustainability, it will be even better. I want to be involved with something that has meaning for me.”

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