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Business Administration - Accounting Option

Year 2

Start your career in business

In your second year, you'll work through management accounting, financial accounting, and corporate finance courses. Exit the program after Year 2 with a Diploma in Business Administration - Accounting Option.

Year 2

  Course Course Name Credits
Total Credits 30 to 31
All of ACCT 210 Financial Accounting 3 3
ACCT 211 Financial Accounting 4 3
ACCT 220 Management Cost Accounting 1 3
BUS 230 Elementary Statistics 3
BUS 276 Business Law 3
ECON 104 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
FIN 210 Corporate Finance 3
One of Elective 100-level or higher course* 3
One of BUS 231 Quantitative Methods 3
University Transfer MATH course 3 or 4
One of BUS 241 Business Info. Management 3
FIN 220 Investments 1 3

Current Students: If you started this program prior to 2014 please contact an Academic Advisor for assistance with making course selections that will support your eligibility for the program credential.

*Elective Information

The diploma elective may be any level but if it is a 100-level course, it must be a non-business university transfer course.

200-level or higher level electives may include School of Business courses (ABT, ACCT, BUS, ECON, FIN, GOLF, HMGT, IBL, MARK, PADM, TMGT), university transfer courses, and include no more than one ABT course.

  • Courses NOT acceptable as elective credit toward the Business Administration Diploma, Accounting Option, or the Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting Major.
    • ACCT 207 Managerial Accounting (formerly ACCT 140, ACCT 230, ACCT 255)
    • ECON 102 The Canadian Economy
    • FIN 230 Financial Planning 1
    • FIN 231 Financial Planning 2
    • PADM 230 Public Finance in Canada
  • Some additional courses are not acceptable as elective credit toward the diploma and degree.  All electives should be chosen in consultation with the Department Chair or an Academic Advisor.
  • Students may only use one of two or more courses with equivalent content and different names for credit towards completion of program credential.
  • Credit to the accounting diploma and BBA may be obtained for only one of a pair or group of courses identified as having content that has significant overlap.  Examples are:  BUS 143 and BUS 242; BUS 290H and BUS 290; MATH 100 and MATH 108; MATH 105, and MATH 107, and MATH 115; STAT 116 and BUS 230; MATH 126 and MATH 222; SFL 300 and BUS 214; SFL 310 and PHIL 330; BSYS 494 and BUS 220. There may be other examples.  Please consult with the Department Chair or Academic Advisor for more information.
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