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Associate of Science Degree in Biology

From the molecular to the global

An interconnected web of life

Biology surrounds us, sustains us, is us. Biology is the study of life from the molecular to a global perspective. It is the science that studies living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution and distribution. As a graduate of the two-year Associate of Science Degree in Biology program, you'll have a well-rounded education and you'll be ready to meet new challenges in employment or further education.

— described by instructor Charles Molnar

BIOL 126 Physiological Basis of Life

From microbiology to ecology

Camosun offers a full range of biology courses. You'll get one-on-one learning with our dedicated teaching faculty, as well as access to many teacher-taught seminars and labs.

As a biologist you'll have career opportunities in education, medicine and health, biotechnology, forestry, fisheries, and agriculture. This Associate Degree provides a solid academic foundation for further university studies, opening doors to employment in teaching, laboratory or field research, medicine and dentistry, and scientific writing in both the private and public sectors.

Transfer your credits to university

After graduation, you can transfer your course credits to continue your educational journey at a university in British Columbia or beyond.

Camosun has an agreement with Royal Roads University that will allow you to transition smoothly and finish your degree. When you graduate with the appropriate prerequisite qualifications, you'll receive full block transfer into the third year of the BSc Environmental Sciences or BSc Environmental Management degree or any program within the School of Environnmental Sustainability.

Work experience option

Associate Degree programs offer Co-op or Internship options.

These options allow you to gain practical work experience, which may be paid or unpaid, through either a four-month internship or two co-op work terms, available after eight courses of academic study.

For more information, contact Co-operative Education and Career Services.

What's an Associate Degree?

An associate degree is a two-year academic program made up of 20 university-level courses. It is a stand-alone provincial credential you can list on your resume, as well as a good option to consider if you plan to continue your education to complete a university degree.

The Associate Degree program provides some flexibility with course choices and scheduling, you can study full-time or part-time, and potentially year round.

Camosun's academic advisors are available to help you understand how to choose the right courses to meet your educational goals. With this assistance, you will be able to make informed choices to ensure the courses you select will be usable for the specific university program you'd like to pursue.

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Associate of Science degree
Two years
Study Options
Full-time or part-time
Work Experience
Optional co-op or internship
September, January, May
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