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Arts and Science Studies

Area of focus: Global Studies

Focus on the global

Within the Arts & Science Studies program, you can take a wide range of courses that explore the complexities of global connections and develop global awareness. Sampling courses is an excellent way to decide if this focus is right for you. Courses may also appeal to you if you are interested in one of the Field Schools or Exchange Programs offered by Camosun.

Whether you're an international or a domestic student, you'll learn to find, evaluate, and use scholarly sources pertaining to global issues. A concentration of courses in the global studies field is solid preparation for admission into Global Studies programs at universities around the world.

This credential will show employers, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), universities, and other organizations that you are able to engage the world from a global perspective.

Your 20 transferable courses (minimum 60 credits) may include subjects such as geography, history, global studies, languages, political science, sociology and anthropology. Courses must be 100-level or higher and transferable to at least one BC college, institute, or university per the BC Transfer Guide.

These foundational courses are recommended:

Global themes and options

Check CamLink for semester course is offered and availability. You are encouraged to choose courses from a minimum of two world regions (Asia, Europe/Middle East, Africa, and the Americas) and study a non-English language (Japanese, Korean, or Spanish). When choosing courses, at least 14 courses (minimum 42 credits) must be from subjects offered by the School of Arts and Science. The remaining 6 elective* courses can be from any subject as long as they are transferable.

  Course Course Name Credits
Minimum Total Credits 60
14 of ANTH any Anthropology course 3
ASIA any Asia-Pacific Studies course 3
CRIM 290 Comparative Criminal Justice 3
ENGL 288 Literature and Popular Culture 3
ENVR 110 Environmental Seminar 1
GBST any Global Studies course 3
GEOG 222 Economic Geography 3
GEOG 232 Cultural Studies in Geography 3
GEOG 236 Geography of Cities 3
GEOG 240 Environment/Development - Asia 3
GEOG 250 Latin America and the Caribbean 3
GEOG 260 Geographies of Development 3
HIST 104 Inside the Middle East 3
HIST 106 Age of Crisis: World 1900-1945 3
HIST 108 New World Order: post 1945 3
HIST 120 From Renaissance to Revolution 3
HIST 122 Europe: Revolution to present 3
HIST 230 City on a Hill: US to 1865 3
HIST 232 God Bless America 3
HIST 250 Human Wrongs & Rights 3
JAPN any Japanese course 3
KORE any Korean course 3
PSC 105 Introduction to Politics 3
PSC 220 Comparative Politics 3
PSC 222 International Politics 3
PSC 224 International Conflict 3
PSYC 257 Intercultural Communication 3
PSYC 288 Cultural Psychology 3
REL 100 World Religions of the West 3
REL 102 World Religions of the East 3
SOC 120 Social Systems and Environment 3
SOC 162 Social Problems 3
SOC 200 Industrialization and Social Change 3
SOC 211 Introduction to Africa 3
SOSC 203 Service Learning and Global Issues 3
SPAN any Spanish course 3
Any UT subject course offered in Arts & Science* varies
Six of ECON 104 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
IST 243 Comparative Indigenous Issues 3
MARK 110 Introduction to Marketing 3
Any Elective* varies

*Elective - Any 100-level or higher course that is transferable to at least one BC post secondary college, institute, or university per the BC Transfer Guide.


For more information, please contact course instructors, the Chair of Humanities, or Academic Advising.

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