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Adventure Education

What to Expect

What to expect during the program

Ethos: The central focus of this program is to help you understand more fully what it is that you are doing, why you are doing it, and how you might do it better or differently. This professional knowledge is at the heart of providing the best possible experiences for the students or clients that you work with and developing the critical, reflective practices of a professional in your field.

This program does not provide, as a central focus, professional qualifications as offered in adventure tourism, outdoor recreation, or guide training programs. If you are looking for a program to provide training towards a number of instructor/guide certifications in a short period of time we would encourage you to attain them through professional associations or at other institutions. However, we often cover the syllabi of Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Skills Level 1 and Outdoor Council of Canada Field Leader (Hiking) as a natural outcome of our summer-term field experiences and can therefore usually offer these certification possibilities. Please contact us to confirm if this is important to you.

In short, you will find our program useful in any of the following scenarios:

  • You already hold guide or instructor certifications for specific activities (e.g., SKGABC, ACMG, Paddle Canada)
  • You are working towards such certifications
  • You are working in an environment where these certifications are either not needed or are provided by another member of staff/external organization

Furthermore, during the program we will talk about the important differences between being certified and being qualified for something!

The work of an adventure educator is highly rewarding and can also be physically and psychologically demanding. You will need to be aware of this reality and be prepared for the rigors of outdoor living and travel, as well as the social realities of day-to-day life in a close-living and -working group. You should be comfortable in water but do not require swimming proficiency.

Technology: You'll require regular and dependable access to technology including a computer with a webcam for online portions of the program. High-speed internet is an asset.

Equipment: During the two-week summer term field experiences, food, accommodation, cooking equipment and technical equipment for specific activities is provided (cost is included in your course fees). You will need to bring appropriate outdoor clothing, footwear, sleeping bag, tent, backpack, sleeping mat and other personal camping equipment. A full list will be provided to students prior to the program commencement. You should not need to incur significant expenses for required equipment. Please consider borrowing or renting equipment you need. If you have any questions about required equipment, clothing or other items, please contact us at

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