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Activity Assistant

What You’ll Learn

The Activity Assistant certificate program is cancelled until further notice.

Learn while working

During this part-time program, you will study health and wholeness, the role of an activity assistant, activity programming, ethics and decision-making and how to work with the geriatric population and those with specific illnesses. You'll finish up with a 120-hour practicum to develop your skills.

What to expect

Located at our Lansdowne campus, the Activity Assistant program is offered over six weekends between March and May. You will also be expected to complete 22.5 hours of observational practicum in March/April, and will be given a six-week period to complete 120 hours of full practicum in May/June.

Classroom hours are: Friday 5-8pm (three hours), Saturday 9am-3pm (six hours), and Sunday 9am-3pm (six hours). Most students spend about 10 hours a week studying for quizzes and presentations, and completing assignments, although it can be more or less hours depending on your study skills, and familiarity with the material from previous experiences.

At the end of the program, you'll be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the individual as a whole, his/her needs, rights and values.
  2. Recognize the value and impact of meaningful, purposeful activities for individuals.
  3. Plan activities that will enhance/restore or maintain a resident's/client's skills and abilities in the areas of daily living, productivity and leisure.
  4. Apply effective interaction skills with individuals, groups and teams.
  5. Apply knowledge of modifying activities to meet resident/client needs.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of environment and resources in the provision of activities.
  7. Demonstrate the skills to observe and monitor changes in behaviours and report to Activity Coordinator.


Course Course Name Length
Total length 228 hours
ACAS 990V Information Session 1.5 hours
ACAS 250 Framework for Activity Assistant Role 21 hours
ACAS 251 Activity for Well-Being 36 hours
ACAS 252 Programming Activities for Clients with Dementia 27 hours
ACAS 270 Practicum I (Observation) 22.5 hours
ACAS 271 Practicum II 120 hours
2020 Class Schedule, Lansdowne Campus
Course Dates
ACAS 990V Feb 13, 7-8:30pm
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ACAS 250 Mar 6-8, 9am-4pm
ACAS 251 Mar 20-22, Apr 17-19, 9am-4pm
ACAS 252 Apr 19, 10am-4pm, May 1-3, 9am-4pm
ACAS 270 22.5 hours, from Mar 9 - April 8 (on-site observation over five weeks)
ACAS 271 120 hours, May 4 - June 19 (must be completed over seven weeks

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