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Mechanical Engineering Technology Access

Mechanical Engineering Technology Access

Certificate in Mechanical Engineering Technology Access

Get a head start in Mechanical Engineering.

Design a better world

This Access program is for those who don’t yet have the requirements to enter the popular Mechanical Engineering Technology or Engineering Graphics Technician programs. Upgrade your math, physics and English skills while taking relevant and important courses in mechanical systems and architectural design. After completing the Access program, you will receive a certificate and will also have a guaranteed seat in the next intake of the Mechanical Engineering Technology or Engineering Graphics Technician program.

What You'll Learn

Effective Date: September 2016

Academic Term 1 (Fall)

  Course Course Name Credits Tuition
Total 17 See What it Costs tab
All of ENGL 130 Preparatory Technical Writing 3 $294.30
COMP 156 Computer Concepts 3 $360.00
MATH 139 Algebra, Triangle Trigonometry and Geometry 4 $525.60
PHYS 101 Introduction to Physics 4 $525.60
One of MENG 1311 Fluid Power 3 $509.37
MENG 1411 Manufacturing Processes 1 3 $509.37
TEAC 105 Explorations in Technology 3 $227.76

Academic Term 2 (Winter)

  Course Course Name Credits Tuition
Total 19 See What it Costs tab
All of CHEM 175 Chemistry Essentials for Civil/Mech 3 $262.80
ENGL 1701 Technical Writing 3 $294.30
LRNS 102 Learning and Problem Solving Skills 2 $123.30
MATH 107 Applied Precalculus 4 $438.00
PHYS 104 General College Physics 4 $432.00
One of MENG 1521 Engineering Graphics and Modelling 3 $509.37
MENG 1621 Building Systems 3 $509.37

Note: Tuition costs listed above are for domestic students and do not include any additional fees.


  1. Carries credit into the Mechanical Engineering Technology program

Mechanical Engineering Technology Access

Eight months
Study Options
Full-time only
Trades and Technology

Next steps

After completing the Mechanical Engineering Technology Access program with a minimum of C in every course, you will have met all the requirements for:

Estimated Tuition Fees

Effective from September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021.

Note The following tuition fees are for domestic students only.

Term Tuition
Estimated program tuition $4,275
Academic Term 1 $2,215
Academic Term 2 $2,060

Estimated additional costs

Financial aid

Are you a former youth in care?

The Provincial Tuition Waiver program aims to make post-secondary education more accessible for former youth in care by providing financial support for tuition and mandatory student fees. Learn more about eligibility and how to apply.

Admission requirements

Effective Date: September 2016

When you apply you will need to submit proof that you meet the following admission requirements.

Tip Where a letter grade is specified, you must have proof of that grade or higher.

Requirement High school course Camosun course Alternatives
one of:
one of:
  • B in Principles of Math 10
  • B in Foundations of Math and Pre-calculus 10
  • C in Principles of Math 11
  • C in Pre-calculus 11
  • Non-BC high school

Note: It is highly recommended that the academic admission requirements be completed within the past five years. If more than five years has elapsed, upgrading in the required subjects is recommended.

Completion requirements

  • Students must complete all courses and achieve a minimum GPA of at least 2 to graduate from the program.
  • Students must also obtain a COM in LRNS 102 and a C or higher in CHEM 175, ENGL 130, MATH 139, MATH 107, PHYS 101, and PHYS 104.

Apply online

Missing admission requirements?

Camosun offers alternative courses and upgrading programs to help you get started.

What kind of applicant are you?

Camosun has three different applicant categories:

  • Adult
  • Current BC/Yukon High School Student
  • International

Learn more.

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The Mechanical Engineering Technology Access program is part of the School of Trades & Technology.

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