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Programs & Courses

A wide range of credentials to help you prepare for a career.

Our instructors are industry professionals who understand what skills graduates will need in the workforce. Explore our programs in the areas of Business, Arts and Science, Engineering and Technology, Sport and Exercise Education, and Health and Human Services to find the one that's right for you.

What Camosun offers

Study areas:

University Transfer

The province of British Columbia has established the world-renowned BC Transfer Guide, which allows students to transition from one post-secondary institution to another. You can study one to two years at Camosun and transfer your credits to a university to finish your bachelor's degree. It is also possible to transfer to universities in other provinces across Canada.

Learn more about university transfer.

Work Experience

Many programs at Camosun offer the opportunity to gain work experience related to your studies through a co-op, internship, or practicum. Our staff provide assistance with cover letter and resume writing, interview preparation, and contacting potential employers.

Learn more about work experience.

Exchange Programs

Exchange students from our partner institutions join our international and domestic students for up to two semesters for an unforgettable academic and cultural experience.

Learn more about exchange programs.

Global Consulting

Camosun supports demand-driven, innovative training and capacity building in a variety of sectors, effectively delivering practical solutions to real world challenges.

We deliver customized training in Victoria and around the globe.

Short-term English programs

Whether you are exploring a National Historic Site, learning about Canada’s tourism sector, or trying out 3D printing for the first time, you will gain practical English language skills in our 2-week and 4-week career exploration programs.

Learn more about Camosun English Learning Adventures (CELA).

Arts & Science

Camosun's School of Arts and Science offers you the flexibility to take courses from different subject areas or concentrate on a specific field of study. Whether you want to obtain hands-on career training or transfer to university, our faculty strive to create a learning environment that is committed to student success and instructional excellence.

Credential Program Specialization Length
Associate Degree Associate of Arts Economics 2 years
Associate of Arts English 2 years
Associate of Arts General Arts 2 years
Associate of Arts Pre-Social Work 2 years
Associate of Arts Psychology 2 years
Associate of Science Biology 2 years
Associate of Science General Science 2 years
Diploma Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology n/a 2 years
Arts and Science Studies n/a 2 years
Criminal Justice n/a 2 years
Environmental Technology n/a 3 years
Music Performance n/a 2 years
Visual Arts n/a 2 years
Non-credentialed University Transfer Arts 1-2 years
University Transfer Education 1-2 years
University Transfer Science 1-2 years

After studying for two years at Camosun, Yury transferred his credits into the third year of the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Victoria. He is now about to finish his degree and once he graduates, plans to apply to become a permanent resident, travel across Canada, and start working in his field.

Yuri Puzanov, Russia
University Transfer


The School of Business at Camosun teaches you the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to be successful in a changing business world. Our applied programs combine the practical and theoretical applications of business, which has led to 96% of graduates finding work in fields related to their area of study.

Credential Program Specialization Length
Bachelor's Degree Business Administration Accounting 4 years
Business Administration Human Resource Management & Leadership 4 years
Business Administration Marketing 4 years
Diploma Business Administration Accounting 2 years
Business Administration Finance 2 years
Business Administration General Management 2 years
Business Administration Marketing 2 years
Hospitality Management n/a 2 years
Post-Degree Diploma Applied Tourism and Hospitality Management n/a 16 months
Business Administration Accounting 1-2 years
Business Administration General Management 1-2 years
Business Administration Human Resource Management & Leadership 1-2 years
Business Administration Marketing 1-2 years
Non-credentialed University Transfer Business 1-2 years
University Transfer Commerce 1-2 years

As a strong supporter of lifelong learning, Amy has earned several advanced designations while instructing at Camosun. Her passion for fraud prevention led to her becoming a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), completing her Master of Science in Cybersecurity and Computer Forensics and researching and writing articles about fraud in the cyber realm.

Amy Hoggard, Program Leader & Instructor
Accounting & Finance, School of Business

Engineering & Technology

With over 900 technology companies in Victoria, graduates of our computer and engineering technology programs are in high demand. Camosun offers a unique Engineering Bridge program, which allows our engineering diploma graduates direct entry to third year at the University of British Columbia (UBC) or the University of Victoria (UVic) to complete a bachelor's degree in engineering or applied science.

Credential Program Length

Civil Engineering Technology

2-3 years
Electrical Engineering Technology—Marine & Industrial 2-3 years
Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology - Renewable Energy 2-3 years
Information and Computer Systems Technology 1-3 years
Interactive Media Developer 1-3 years
Mechanical Engineering Technology 2-3 years
Advanced Diploma
(For graduates of approved programs)
Civil Engineering Bridge 1 year
Electrical & Computer Engineering Bridge 1 year
Mechanical Engineering Bridge to UBC 1 year
Mechanical Engineering Bridge to UVic 1 year
Non-credentialed University Transfer - Computer Science 1 year
University Transfer - Engineering (UVic) 1 year

During her program, Gurpreet completed a three-month internship at AME Group, a mechanical engineering consulting company in Victoria, which involved designing plumbing and fire systems for high-rise buildings, schools, and recreation centres. After finishing the diploma, AME Group hired her for a permanent position as a Mechanical Designer. Now, Gurpreet plans to continue working and learning in her industry, before eventually pursuing a bachelor's degree.

Gurpreet Sethi, India
Mechanical Engineering Technology

Health & Human Services

The School of Health and Human Services at Camosun is dedicated to preparing you for a career in health care, outreach, and community engagement. Each program strengthens your abilities in team building, leadership, communications, and collaboration and include a practicum component where clinical and service skills are developed.

Credential Program Length
Diploma Community, Family & Child Studies 2 years
Dental Hygiene 1+2 years*
Early Learning & Care 2 years
Practical Nursing 2 years
Certficate Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant 1 year

Note *Entry into the Dental Hygiene program requires one year of university-level foundation courses.

Sport & Exercise Education

Camosun's Centre for Sport and Exercise Education delivers innovative programs that combine sport, fitness, wellness and rehabilitation, with management, science, and leadership. This Centre is home to Camosun's sports teams, the Chargers, an Athletic and Exercise Therapy Clinic for you to apply your learning, as well as a Canadian Olympic training centre, the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence.

Credential Program Length
Bachelor's Degree Athletic & Exercise Therapy 4 years
Sport & Fitness Leadership - Exercise & Wellness 4 years
Sport Management 4 years
Diploma Exercise & Wellness 2 years
Massage Therapy 2 years
Sport Management 2 years



Growing up, Sebastian was always a keen athlete and enjoyed playing sports. After suffering a soccer injury and going through rehabilitation, Sebastian says he had a great appreciation for how his physiotherapists helped him and decided that he wanted to help others recover from their injuries. He is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy program and will be completing a practicum at Camosun's Athletic and Exercise Therapy Clinic.

Sebastian Zanghellini, Australia
Athletic & Exercise Therapy

ESL & Academic Upgrading

If you do not meet the English requirement for direct entry, you can begin in Camosun's on-campus ESL program. Depending on your current level of English proficiency, you will be placed into the appropriate ESL level to improve your language skills for academic studies. Once you have reached the highest ESL level, you can register for up to three academic courses.

Credential Program Length
Certificate English Language Development (Academic ESL) 4 months each level
Intensive Summer English (CISLI) 2 months each level

Practical English & Career Exploration

Camosun English Learning Adventures (CELA) is an activity-based open enrolment program where students apply their English in a practical environment. These two-week and four-week practical English programs help students expand vocabulary and communication skills through exciting curriculum in the classroom and applied activities on- and off-campus.

Credential Program Length
(non-credentialed) CELA 2 or 4 weeks
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