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At Camosun we are an inclusive community, where an awareness and understanding of culture is valued and respected. There are a number of brochures available to aquaint you with our programs and what we have to offer international students. Once you become a Camosun student you will learn more at our on-campus international student orientation.

Educational support

If you are thinking about coming to Camosun, an international advisor can provide information and advice about Camosun programs offered to International students. See what students have to say about being an International Student at Camosun.

To help you reach your goals, we'll help you decide which program is for you and then introduce you to all our services once you become a student.

Housing support

Our housing coordinator provides support to students looking to participate in our Homestay program. Through the Homestay program, you can live with a Canadian host family. You will share meals together and learn about Canadian culture.

We are also happy to provide a variety of resources for students looking for alternative housing options. Learn more.

Cultural support

Peer Connections is a group of international students who help their peers adjust to living in Canada and going to Camosun. As a team they develop leadership skills, help with new student orientation and host social events for to engage Camosun students as a whole.

The Student Ambassadors Team is also made up of international students and opens the door for cross-cultural communication. Contact us to take a tour of the campuses or to help with events.

Meet the team

Educational support services

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