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At Camosun International, we work together to welcome students and partners from around the world. We also bring our expertise to successfully complete international projects and training programs, both locally and overseas. Our team comes from 14 countries and speaks a combined 26 languages. Many of us have relocated from our home countries to live in Canada, some of us are born-and-raised Canadians, and all of us have chosen Victoria as our home.

Christiaan Bernard

Christiaan Bernard Director

Thank you for your interest in Camosun. It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to lead the Camosun International Office and interact with one of the most diverse groups of students in North America.  This is my 25th year working in the field of international education and I feel so fortunate to continue learning from the students who have chosen to study at Camosun, the colleagues who share in this experience with me and the Camosun partners around the world.

Miki Speirs

Miki Speirs Assistant to the Director

I was raised in Japan in the small town of Miwa, just south of Hiroshima. Growing up, I loved the closed knit community relying on our rich culture and tradition, but as many of you landing on this page, I craved more. My journey as an international student took me everywhere from suburban Maryland where I earned Bachelor of Arts in Communication, to carefree Grand Cayman, the Cayman Islands. I can say confidently that travelling to study was the greatest experience of my life. That being said, there were challenges I faced, such as learning English on my own and living in an environment completely different from mine. Therefore, I am truly honoured to hold the position at Camosun International. I can relate to your experience of transition into beautiful British Columbia from your own country. Welcome to Camosun!

Daniel Zeldin

Daniel Zeldin International Strategic Enrolment Manager

Born and raised in Toronto, I started travelling the world at a very young age, and haven’t really stopped since! After deciding to move to Victoria to go to university, I immediately fell in love with the west coast. I first studied Spanish and Latin American literature at the University of Victoria, and later completed a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. In addition to Canada, I’ve lived, studied, worked, volunteered, and researched in different parts of Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, with a number of different non-profit organizations and educational institutions. I speak English and Spanish fluently and am conversant in French, Portuguese, and German. I strongly believe that a good education will change your life, and am proud to be carrying this message along with the Camosun banner to students and partners across the world!

Gulcan Barclay

Gulcan Barclay Manager, International Student Services

I grew up on the Mediterranean in southwest Turkey, surrounded by people from many countries and backgrounds. I was fascinated by their colourful cultural differences and always wanted to know more about them. This curiosity led me to learn English and French, while my love for education allowed me to obtain a BA in Public Administration and a Master's in Educational Leadership. I started my career as a Study Abroad Advisor in Istanbul and I am very happy to be part of the Camosun International family. I am an advocate of lifelong learning and international education. I also firmly believe that with support and dedication, students of any age and background can successfully reach their educational goals. It is an honour to be a part of your journey at Camosun!

Noriko Matsuo

Noriko Matsuo Financial Coordinator

I worked as a secretary and a part-time music reviewer in Japan before coming to Canada to learn English. While studying in Victoria, I fell in love with the city and decided to move to Canada permanently. I always loved music, movies, art, and pop culture, but since I moved to Canada, I’ve become more interested in the outdoors and adventure! Having studied ESL and Business Administration at Camosun, I know what it’s like to be an international student. I’d love to share my experience and knowledge with all of you!

Coco Nakabayashi

Coco Nakabayashi International Academic Advisor

I am a graduate of the Visual Arts program at Camosun. I came to Victoria in January 2012 and immediately fell in love with this beautiful city. I am fortunate to live in such an amazing place with stunning scenery and friendly people. I was born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan. When I was growing up, I always wanted to see the world outside of my own country and meet people from different cultures. After high school, I moved to Oregon and graduated from the Portland State University with a BFA. I worked as a graphic designer in Tokyo for many years, creating various communication tools in multiple languages. I am very excited to be working here at the Camosun International, and feel privileged to be in a position where I can assist students from around the world. I look forward to meeting you!

Anna Stein

Anna Stein International Student Counsellor

I was born on Musqueam territory and have spent most of my life as a grateful visitor on the beautiful Lkwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ territories. I love the diversity of the lands around us, the rich colours of the forests and the mountains, the sea, the animal life and green growth everywhere! I completed a B. Ed. specializing in teaching Drama and French and hold a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology. I have a strong background working with many forms of trauma and greatly value the learning I have gained from my time living, studying and working in places as diverse as Mali, France, Switzerland, Hawaii, Quebec and Guatemala. My travels have taken me through West Africa, Thailand, Europe and the United States. After personally living in several home stay families in other countries, I also had the privilege for many years of hosting over 25 international students in our home. My passion for counselling stems from a deep curiosity and desire to collaborate with others in building health, wellness, and ultimately peace within our communities. It is an honour to work through academic, career, personal, or cultural challenges with international students here at Camosun.

Brian Herron

Brian Herron International Student Counsellor

I completed a B.Ed. at the University of British Columbia, followed by an M.Ed. in counselling psychology at Simon Fraser University. I have over 10 years of counselling experience working with international students and other students from around the world at the secondary and college levels. I have particular interest and experience helping students with cultural transitions. Other areas of training and experience include conflict resolution and helping students develop leadership and helping skills that are validating to themselves and their peers. Helping students with personal, cultural, educational and career planning issues is very rewarding in my role as an international student counsellor.

Marie Abbott

Marie Abbott International Student Counsellor

Hello! My name is Marie, and I feel privileged to work with international students at Camosun College as a counsellor. My story begins in Whitehorse, Yukon, where I was born and raised. At 16, I moved away from home to attend Pearson College, an international school outside Victoria, where I lived and studied with 200 students from 100 different countries for two years. I am fortunate to have friends to visit around the world! My travels have taken me to Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa. I have lived in Victoria, on the traditional territories of the Lkwungen and W_SÁNEC territories since the Summer of 2015. I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Ottawa and a Masters in Counselling Psychology at the University of Victoria. As a counsellor, I am dedicated to providing a confidential and supportive place where you can discuss academic, career, personal and/or cultural concerns as you navigate your international student experience.

Antonio Rivadeneira

Antonio Rivadeneira International Student Recruitment Specialist

Hello! My name is Antonio. I was born and raised on the coast of Ecuador. My first international education experience was in Winnipeg, Canada, where I attend high school and made friends from all over the world. Since then, I developed a passion for International Education. I have also worked, lived and studied in Ohio, USA and Toronto, Canada. I have been working in International Education for 5 years in student services, marketing, recruitment and business development. In 2015, I moved to Victoria to study a Master of Global Management at Royal Roads University. I speak English and Spanish fluently; I am a very active person who loves sailing, listening to music, and meeting people from all over the world. My door is always open to international students and I am looking forward to meeting you soon to learn about your life journey.

Eva (Xiaoping) Du

Eva Du International Admissions Officer

I was born and raised in China, and my hometown is near Korea. I came to Canada after I graduated from high school. I hold a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Victoria. I have been living in Canada for almost seven years. I came here to have a different experience and become more independent. I am so glad that I came to Victoria and now work at Camosun International. I love to meet and talk to people with different cultural backgrounds and I am looking forward to helping international students.

Gabriella Sandor

Gabriella Sandor International Academic Advisor

I have a BA in Hispanic Studies from the University of Victoria, and have worked for two years at Student Travel Schools and completed a high school year abroad program. I have travelled extensively throughout Europe and Canada, and am fluent in English and Hungarian, conversant in Spanish, French, and Italian. I aim to bring an empathetic, cultural perspective to international student services with my Hungarian background and multiple languages. My door is always open to international students.


Renata Lutz Minholi International Student Experience Advisor

I am originally from Brazil, born and raised in a small city in the Southeast. Growing up in South America allowed me to learn the value of a multicultural society and the importance of education in someone’s life. Whilst still in Brazil, I completed my bachelor's in International Affairs, and started working with exchange programs for undergraduates in Latin America. I came to Victoria as a student in 2013 and I fell in love with the west coast. Education has always been a huge part of my life and since moving to Canada, I have been working with new immigrants and assisting international students both as an advisor and as an ESL teacher. I am fascinated with languages (I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish and am currently learning Turkish), and you will often see me hiking around Vancouver Island or practicing and teaching yoga. I find joy in sharing with others and helping students created their path in their life overseas. I am looking forward to meeting you. Welcome to Camosun College!

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Joey Tian International Student Experience Advisor

I was born and raised in China. I am always fascinated by languages and cultures, which has motivated me not only to travel by myself many times but also to come to Canada as a Master of Arts student in Education. My research was of international students’ academic study in Canada’s universities, which has enhanced my understanding about international students’ study and life here. Also, my curiosity about the unknown enables me to explore different landscapes and meet various people in the new place. I feel very grateful about my life experience in my home country and Canada, and I hope what I have acquired from my experience can assist international students at Camosun to achieve their academic goals and enjoy their new journey of life!

Laura Ensor - no picture

Laura Ensor International Student Experience Advisor

Originally from the island, I am a graduate of Camosun who has travelled and lived overseas. Because of my overseas experiences, I fully understand the joys and challenges faced by people who are living in a new culture. I speak English as well as Japanese and also have a keen interest in other languages. The best part of my work at Camosun is connecting with people from all over the world! Welcome!

Sahar Anjum

Sahar Anjum International Student Experience Advisor

My exposure to international student advising began in Pakistan where I was born and raised. After working for some prominent international student consulting agencies and sending many students abroad, particularly to Australia, I decided to continue my own education abroad and completed a Master of Marketing and HRM in Melbourne. It was here that I began to experience the true life of an international student myself. This experience made me certain that I wanted to continue working with international students, hence, I am very happy to be a part of Camosun International. I enjoy learning from the diverse backgrounds of students from around the world and I feel great satisfaction when I work closely with international students and see them transition seamlessly into a new environment and culture. I am fluent in English and Urdu, and conversant in Hindi, Punjabi and Memoni. I am looking forward to meeting and to welcome you to Camosun College.

Luzia Pinto

Luzia Simoes Pinto International Student Experience Advisor

I was born and raised in Brazil, though my parents and family are originally from Portugal. I am fluent in English and Portuguese, and I would like to learn a third language. I received my bachelor’s degree in International Relations while I was living in Brazil and during that period I had the opportunity to study abroad as an exchange student. Throughout my life I have been fortunate enough to travel to many places which has enabled me to learn about various cultures. I came to Canada to perfect my English and fell in love with Victoria. During my time as an international student at Camosun College I met many helpful instructors, advisors and staff members, and now it is my turn to help the next generation of eager learners!


Sumie Morison Team Lead, International Admissions

Growing up in Japan, traveling overseas, and being involved in Camosun’s Peer Connections volunteer program during my studies in Business have enhanced my cultural sensitivity and appreciation of diversity. Since I was once an international student, I can relate to and understand the challenges of studying and living in a foreign country. I enjoy meeting with people from all over the world!

May Rashidi

May Rashidi International Admissions Officer

I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, however, my parents are from Iran. Therefore, I had the privilege to learn and speak both languages (Arabic and Persian) fluently since my childhood. I completed my bachelor's degree in Computer Science. After that, I had the opportunity to live in Qatar for some years and worked as an elementary school teacher. I believe that I was very lucky when I took the most critical decision and moved to Canada. I like the new environment and the kind people here, furthermore, this island (Vancouver Island) is a really beautiful and calming place to live in. I am really passionate, excited and fortunate to be working at Camosun International since I get to meet new people from all over the world every day. I look forward to helping students take the first significant steps in their future career path.

Stepan Uladaev

Stepan Uladaev International Admissions Officer

I came to Canada from Russia where I was born and raised. I’m from a small city called Ulan-Ude and my ethnicity is Buryat. Since my people’s homeland is in Russia and we are an Asian nation, we have an interesting mix of Russian and Asian traditions. I have a master’s degree in Management of Enterprise from a Russian university and I completed a Camosun’s Post-Degree Diploma in Business Administration with Marketing. I know from experience how it is to study at Camosun and I like sharing my experiences with others. I've travelled to very contrasting and interesting countries in Asia, Europe, and North America, and I want to visit more countries. I’m glad to be working in such a good environment at Camosun, with a team that has so many different cultures.

Niya Liu

Niya Liu Regional Manager

I graduated from Beijing Normal University with a BA. I was a high school teacher in Beijing and then I participated in a one-year intercultural exchange program, AFS, in the United States before moving to Canada. It has been my privilege to be part of the Camosun International family in different roles, including Admissions Officer and Academic Adviser. I am very excited to start a new adventure with the Global Consulting and Partnerships team as Pathway Specialist. My experiences of living, working and studying in different cultures allow me to understand and appreciate the anticipation and excitement of visiting a new country. Every day I am inspired by having the opportunity to meet and work with our partners and discuss how Camosun’s expertise meets their needs!

Marius Langeland

Marius Langeland Global Partnerships Specialist

I was once an international student at Camosun College and the University of Victoria and have experienced the ups and downs of transiting into a new environment and culture. I have also taught English as a foreign language in Korea, Taiwan, England and Canada. Throughout my journey as a student, instructor and international education facilitator, I’ve always asked myself ’What can I do to improve the international student experience?’ As Global Partnerships Specialist, I get to answer this question by designing programs that have a lasting effect and impact on the international students we welcome to our beautiful city and campuses. In addition to overseeing non-credit programming, I also get to work in all areas of the Global Consulting and Partnerships portfolio, fostering partnerships and leading certain promotional and business development initiatives overseas.

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