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Camosun Innovates uses cutting edge technology such as 3D printers, robotic systems and 3D scanners to allow faculty and students from different disciplines to turn their ideas into reality.

The sky’s the limit: Camosun leads unique pilot safety monitoring project

Pilots battling forest fires across the province endure unique stresses and challenges, explains Rich Burman, Interaction Lead for the Camosun Innovates team. “They’ll fly right into a smoke column and they say it’s like turning the lights off in a room, pitch black and all you can see are embers,” he says. “Their heart rates go up significantly in the space of a few seconds.”

Burman and his Camosun Innovates colleagues are working on a collaborative project with partners Conair Aviation Group, University of British Columbia and Latitude Technologies to monitor pilot fatigue and to improve overall flying safety.

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Sydney Chapman

Imtehaze Heerah on Camosun’s new Interaction Lab: 'The need is there and the resources are here.'

As a child, Camosun Mechanical Engineering faculty member Imtehaze Heerah was fascinated by his father’s work as Manager of the Public Works department for the town of Vacoas, Republic of Mauritius.

“My dad was always surrounded by heavy machinery and he was dealing with operations, people and sourcing all day,” he recalls. “I was exposed to the whole field from the bottom up and I took a liking to it.” At home, he’d dismantle his toys to discover how they worked. “My thinking was that if someone put it together at some point I should be able to take it apart and figure it out—that was just a natural thing for me.”

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Imtehaze Heerah

Babcock Canada Interaction Lab takes shape at Interurban

“The Interaction Lab has landed at the doorstep of Camosun College,” says Dr. Tim Walzak, Director of Camosun Innovates. “It’s truly a world class space and it has exceeded my expectations about how it’s shaping up.”

The Interaction Lab is part of Camosun’s commitment to enhancing Applied Learning, in partnership with Education and Student Experience. The college’s emphasis on Applied Learning helps Camosun meet the needs of students in a way that makes education meaningful. It is integral to bringing skills, knowledge and real-world problem-solving to the classroom experience.

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Interaction Lab equipment

Camosun leads Western Canada in applied research

Camosun College has emerged as a top regional leader in applied research and innovation, says Dr. Tim Walzak, Director of Camosun Innovates.

“It sets us apart from other institutions and we’ve made it a top priority for the continued transformation of the college going forward,” he notes. Walzak believes that applied research is key to Camosun’s success in supporting local industry and it is already serving as a dynamic catalyst of innovation throughout the region. “We know that technology is changing very rapidly in today’s workplace and we want to make sure that Camosun’s curriculum reflects those rapidly changing opportunities.”

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Ben Costin
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