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Interurban Babcock Canada Interaction Lab, Jack White (JW) Building
Start date:
Friday, December 15 • 10:00 am
End date:
Friday, December 15 • 2:00 pm

Join us on Friday, December 15 from 10am - 2pm in the Babcock Canada Interaction Lab (Jack White Building) to learn more about the capstone projects from our graduating Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology – Renewable Energy students!

2017 Capstone Projects

Chess Bot

Chess Bot is a robot arm that plays chess. It can be controlled by a user on a laptop, or by itself using a combination of chess engine and image recognition artificial intelligence (AI). Chess Bot can move chess pieces, as well as deposit captured pieces by reaching over the chessboard.


The GloBo project is a dynamic light display. It is responsive to light and sound and featured on the bow of a violin and as a wearable kit.


The TINPot analog synthesizer is a modern take on a classic sound. Using classic components like Curtis VCOs, and Moog filters, it molds everything into an exciting, beautiful sounding synthesizer.

Motion Synthesizer

The Motion Synthesizer is a fun device for creating and playing different sound effects based on the movements of the user. Computer Vision and Sensors will track the motion and allow the user to control the tones.

Solar Panel Simulator

The Solar Panel Simulator is a DC power supply, which mimics the output of a solar panel. By using observed solar irradiance data from NASA, we can program the device to simulate a solar panel at any location on Earth.

Chocolate Chimes

We at Chocolate Chimes are working with St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church to repair their church chimes. Our project will prototype a modern pneumatic system that will operate the 16 chimes, re-use the electromagnet damper, and control playing music via a microcontroller and MIDI.


Mowduino is an autonomous lawn mower equipped with multiple sensors to ensure safe usage. Mowduino saves time and improves quality of life by removing the physical stress associated with lawn maintenance.

Oak Project

An automated solar powered composter. Monitors temperature and humidity and turns compost barrel automatically to maintain optimum conditions.

VIS Controller

The VIS Controller is a network-connected controller for an existing set of modular, automated test equipment. This test equipment is designed to interface with devices used in the industrial transport industry and replaces an existing controller, offering reduced cost and improved functionality.

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