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Camosun Online (DE) is learning and teaching that includes choices from a variety of learning technologies.

Camosun Online offers flexibility and accessibility that would otherwise not be possible. Students taking online courses may spend less time on campus than students who are engaged in more traditional courses and programs.

Not sure if online learning is for you? Check out a self-assessment quiz put together by Virginia Tech University.

Advantages of online courses

Students can:

  • gain access to multi-media learning materials that are not always available in more traditional courses and programs;
  • have the opportunity to enjoy learning about, and with, technology
  • join in discussions with other students via email and electronic bulletin boards;
  • often choose their own study times;
  • in some courses, work at their own pace within certain parameters such as assignment due dates, tests and other evaluations; and
  • in some cases, enroll in courses without commuting to the College on a regular basis

How to be succesful taking an online course

With the increased flexibility and access offered by online courses comes increased responsibility. Successful learning in a distributed education environment will provide students with the tools, abilities, and attitude to be successful in life-long learning endeavors.

To be successful in a distributed learning environment students must:

  • be active learners by taking responsibility for their own learning;
  • be prepared to initiate and be involved in meaningful interaction with other learners and the instructor;
  • be highly motivated and capable of both independent and collaborative study;
  • be able to think critically about the vast amount of information available on the World Wide Web;
  • have or be willing to develop strong organizational skills, and
  • be able to function well in a variety of learning modes and with a variety of learning materials.

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