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Past Updates

September 1, 2020

Update for employees - A Safe Start at Camosun

From the College Executive Team

A big thank you for your support back in June when we launched the Safe Start process so that students could continue to get the best possible education, while we maintained the health and safety of our college community. As things start to get into full swing for fall – whether on-campus or remotely – we felt it was an opportune moment to provide an update about the Safe Start program as well as some timely reminders.

Few Faces in Big Spaces

The most important consideration is that students, faculty and staff should not be coming onto campus unless necessary. For faculty and staff this would be to teach a course approved through the Safe Start process or a work requirement that is approved by a Dean or Director. When asked why we’ve taken this approach, Dr. Bonnie Henry summed it up best with the mantra: “Few faces in big spaces.” For the health and safety of students, employees and our community, please do not come on campus unnecessarily – avoiding campus also makes the work of our Facilities Services staff a lot easier as they clean and sanitize high-contact areas.

Employees who must come on campus should not work in areas that have not yet undergone an Occupational Health and Safety assessment and been made work-ready.

At no time should employees arrange to meet in person on campus, rather, please meet online.

Safe Start Reminders

All on Campus activities, including courses or services requiring any on-campus or face-to-face component must be recorded into Safe Start for each term. Safe Start is the information hub for all on-campus activity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The information collected through the process supports the work of OHS, Scheduling, ITS, student services, and decision making at all levels of the college. It is also critical that the information is accurate and up-to-date in the event we need to conduct COVID-19 exposure contact tracing or in the case of an emergency situation.

Faculty and staff who are approved to come on campus must undertake the COVID-19 safety training and an initial self-assessment. Completion of this training and initial assessment is a requirement of WorkSafeBC for return to campus. Employees approved to attend Campus must also complete the On-Campus Attendance tracker.

Individual or shared offices will not be OHS assessed. Employees who share an office space should not be in the office at the same time. Employees are also asked to clean their own workstations before and after each use. Facilities Services staff are focused on cleaning high-contact areas such as door-handles, countertops and stair rails. They are not sanitizing individual office spaces.

All visitors, contractors and service personnel need to check in to the facilities office at each campus. On Lansdowne, the office is located in the Isabel Dawson Building, room 200. On Interurban, the facilities office is in the Facilities Services building, next to P1.

Safe Start Updates

The Safe Start system has been temporarily closed to new entries while OHS completes priority safety assessments in preparation for fall. The Safe Start team is also making modifications to the system to enhance and streamline the process for future applications.

When the system reopens, Safe Start will include other activities in addition to face-to-face learning. Any on-campus services, events and activities need to be approved by the College Executive Team and then managed through the Safe Start system.

Changes to an original approved submission, whether it’s a room change, more rooms or additional students, should be sent to

Once an assessment is complete, employees are asked not to move furniture or directional arrows. Please do not remove the OHS documentation in the room or any sanitizing products and supplies. Email if the room set up requires modification or if you require additional supplies.

Everyone’s Safety

The Safe Start processes and directives are to ensure the safety of students, employees and the community. The more people who come on campus, the more the risk of exposure increases.

When thinking about coming on campus remember: “Few faces in big spaces.”

If you do need come to campus, remember to maintain physical distancing, wash your hands regularly, adhere to signage while on campus, and always stay home if you feel sick.

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COVID-19 Safety Plan

The most current copy of the college’s COVID-19 Safety Plan is available here.

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