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Leadership Development Certificate Program

The Leadership Development Certificate program is for anyone looking to formalize learning in this area, whether you are a seasoned leader or new to the role. This program's modular format is designed for the adult part-time learner. You can take a few courses or the entire program in a time frame that fits for you. A different assortment of core and elective modules will be offered three times a year – Fall, Winter and Spring. Build the Certificate that fits your needs. You will still attend a total of 141 hours of the instruction. You will take 66 hours of required core courses and choose 75 hours of elective courses depending on your interests and needs. We recommend you start with the Leadership Overview module.

Once you have completed the required core and elective courses as well as a final assessment you will receive the Camosun College credential – the Certificate in Leadership Development.

Program details including the course schedule for each semester is available at

Core courses (All required, 66 hours)
Leadership Overview 12 Hours
Leadership and Organizational Culture 6 Hours
Managing Workplace Conflict 12 Hours
Personally Effective Leadership 15 Hours
Problem Solving and Decision Making 9 Hours
Workplace Communication 12 Hours
Electives (Choice, 75 hours)
Building Relationships with Indigenous People 9 Hours
Bullying, Abuse of Authority, & Human Rights 6 Hours
Coaching Conversations for Leaders 9 Hours
Dealing with Difficult Interactions 6 Hours
Effective Teambuilding 12 Hours
Financial Literacy for Leaders 6 Hours
Great Meetings! 6 Hours
Hiring the Best People 6 Hours
Leading Change 9 Hours
Leading for Work Life Balance 6 Hours
Leading the Multigenerational Workforce 6 Hours
Managing Performance 9 Hours
Orientation, Training and Development 9 hours
Project Management 9 Hours
Speaking with Confidence 12 Hours
Speaking with More Confidence 6 Hours
Strategic Planning 12 Hours
Strength Through Diversity 9 Hours
Writing Skills for Leaders 12 Hours

Leadership Development Certificate Program Free Info Session

New students are encouraged to join us for this information session to learn about the program and the new format. Call 250-370-3550 to register. If you are an existing student and have questions, please call 250-370-4565.

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Leadership Overview

As the workplace becomes more complex and diverse, the role of the supervisor is ever expanding. The more skills you have, the better equipped you will be to do the job. The Situational Leadership model will be introduced which will explain the various styles of leadership and when they are most appropriately used. Change and diversity, fundamental issues in today's workplace, will also be covered. This course is the foundation for this program and a core requirement for the certificate. It is recommended that learners start with this module.  

 ~"I thought to myself midway through the first class: "I haven't felt this fired up to learn something in 20 years!"  ~BT

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Writing Skills for Leaders

Excellent writing skills are vital to leaders for communicating ideas, implementing them effectively, and achieving results. In this course, students will enhance their leadership abilities by learning skills such as how to write actionable communication, write for a variety of purposes and audiences, write clearly and concisely, and implement an effective writing process. Fluency in written and spoken English is recommended.

2018S LDCT 530V 001 • May 8 - May 29 (4 sessions) • Jean Abrahamson
  • Tues • 6:00pm-9:00pm • Interurban
  • $335

Register online or Register by phone, fax or in-person…

To optimize application of writing skills, the course will conclude with a one hour private coaching session for each student scheduled for June 2 & 9.

Project Management

Project Management is a fundamental skill in today's workplace. You will learn the basics of good project management, planning considerations, and how to create reasonable, manageable project objectives. You will also discuss the importance of keeping your project on track, scheduling and tracking tools such as the PERT and GANTT charts, and a review of the process upon project completion. Also, given that multiple project management is often a reality, you will discuss managing multiple project objectives and priorities simultaneously.

Additional program of interest: Applied Project Management Certificate Program 

2018S LDCT 516V 001 • May 24 - May 26 (2 sessions) • Thomas Jones
  • Thur • 6:00pm-9:00pm • Interurban
  • Sat • 9:00am-4:00pm • Interurban
  • $265

Register online or Register by phone, fax or in-person…

Leading for Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is jeopardized in our world of immediate action and requirements to be available 24/7. Is that realistic? Is that wise? Is that a reality of leadership? Can you be a leader and live a work-life balance? In this course you will explore what work-life balance looks like in today's world and how to develop an appropriate balance for you at this stage of your life and career. Concepts of productivity, flow, positivity and approach to work will be explored as they relate to work-life balance.

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Strength Through Diversity

What does diversity mean and why is it so important? What can you do to recognize and value diversity? Ultimately today’s workforce is diverse, and leaders play an important role in creating a positive, respectful, and inclusive workplace environment. In this course you will learn about the diversity that exists in the workplace, and will be introduced to practices that can help you build on and support the strengths and skills of a diverse working group. Select topics of diversity will be discussed including, but not limited to, gender, culture, and disability.  ~"This was an astonishingly engaging and well put together course." - LF

2018S LDCT 534V 001 • May 31 - Jun 2 (2 sessions) • Mary-Anne Neal
  • Thur • 6:00pm-9:00pm • Interurban
  • Sat • 9:00am-4:00pm • Interurban
  • $265

Register online or Register by phone, fax or in-person…

Problem Solving and Decision Making

As a leader, a large part of your responsibility is anticipating and addressing potential problems. Once identified you need to make important decisions to solve these problems. Your ability to do this well will be enhanced if you understand the risks and the processes involved as well as the impact your decisions have on others. The objective of this course is to provide you with an understanding of tools and techniques to perform problem and solution identification, to build implementation plans, and to confirm successful results.

2018S LDCT 503V 001 • Jun 12 - Jun 16 (2 sessions) • Cheryl Fitzpatrick
  • Tues • 6:00pm-9:00pm • Interurban
  • Sat • 9:00am-4:00pm • Interurban
  • $265

Register online or Register by phone, fax or in-person…

Leadership and Organizational Culture

What is the culture of the organization? Although there are a variety of definitions, there is general agreement that culture is an important factor affecting behaviour, performance results and the effectiveness of change. You will explore the concept of organizational culture, how it is created, developed and managed. Using a diagnostic instrument, you will identify the shared values and beliefs in your organization and focus on the implications of that cultural perspective for your leadership role.

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Leadership Program Assessment

This self-directed module is the final requirement for the Certificate in Leadership Development. You will be given an assignment outline to assist you in the completion of a written submission or a face-to-face presentation that will demonstrate your general knowledge and abilities in the area of Leadership. Once you have completed all the required hours, please contact the Program Coordinator by phone 250-370-4565 or email to be provided with an information package and the materials needed to complete the assessment.

2018S LDCT 699V 001 • May 1 - Aug 31 (1 session) • Mahesh Kumar Mary-Anne Neal
  • $150

Register online or Register by phone, fax or in-person…

Financial Literacy for Leaders

Financial literacy is an essential principle of business acumen. As an emerging or existing leader, it is essential that you have the financial knowledge, can ask all the right financial questions and speak the financial language required in a leadership position. This course will provide you with the basic information you need to become an informed user of financial information and how to communicate that information with others.

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Personally Effective Leadership

The cornerstone of effective leadership is personal mastery. Using 360 feedback, small group exercises and reflective practice, this module is designed to increase self-awareness and personal efficacy. Participants will be given assignments to complete between sessions in order to deepen their learning and build a foundation for on-going leadership development. Given that this module requires previous understanding of leadership principles and the capacity for personal introspection, it is likely that the participants will derive greater benefit if it is taken later in the program.

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Building Relationships with Indigenous People

As leaders in the workplace, how can you create an environment of acknowledgement and meaningful dialogue to dispel myths and stereotypes? Going beyond recognizing and valuing diversity, this course explores the legislative and social realities of working with Aboriginal people and communities. There are many distinct First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples within British Columbia. In this course, we will explore relationship-building with Aboriginal peoples and communities in British Columbia.


Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Bullying, Abuse of Authority, & Human Rights

The job of supervising/managing is becoming more complex all the time, and managing within a human rights environment can seem a bit intimidating. When you add bullying and abuse of authority to the mix, it can seem overwhelming. What are people's rights, and what constitutes "harassment", bullying, and abuse of authority? What are the responsibilities and liabilities of a supervisor/manager? In this session, you will learn about human rights legislation and how it works, bullying and abuse of authority issues, liability and prevention. You will also discuss fair treatment, freedom of information and privacy, and the supervisor's role.

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Coaching Conversations for Leaders

Coaching in the work place means bringing out the best in your staff. Create an environment where others feel empowered and where responsibility, knowledge, creativity and commitment will be encouraged.  Through discussion, observation and practice you will apply specific coaching principles during this course. These principles and practices will enable you to lead your staff to success.

~"Whenever I sign up for a course I ask myself if it's worth the time & cost or whether reading a book on the topic would be just as good. This was definitely worth taking the course." (DT)

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Dealing with Difficult Interactions

Most of the people we deal with are reasonable and we have the skills to help them on a day-to-day basis. However, sometimes we encounter angry, abusive and sometimes potentially violent people who challenge our abilities and leave us feeling overwhelmed and stressed. This workshop is designed to give you important tools to help minimize the number of difficult situations you encounter, understand how to manage a situation that is escalating, and deal most effectively with hostile and angry people.

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Effective Teambuilding

A group of people working together in the same office or on the same project does not necessarily function well as a team. Creating an effective team takes work. Using the strengths of each person, you will learn how to build an effective, productive team that is committed to reaching a common goal.

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Great Meetings!

A well run meeting saves time, money and engages the participants. Come and find out what you can do so people leave your meeting saying, “What a great meeting!” Topics include: pre-planning, agendas, facilitation, managing differences and decisions, and action planning.

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Hiring the Best People

Your organization's financial health depends on finding and keeping good employees. Hiring well is only part of the job. You have to keep your employees happy and productive. This workshop reveals what the best managed organizations do in the early stages to find and keep good people.

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Leading Change

This overview will introduce you to models for understanding change. You will explore the stages of the change process and focus on the human dynamics of change including resistance. The purpose is to provide a framework for understanding, to develop strategies for applying this to your workplace, and to enable you to successfully take a leadership role in meeting the challenge of change.

 ~"Anyone going through a company or even a life change should take this course. It is incredibly insightful and helpful." JK

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Leading the Multigenerational Workforce

With changing workforces, multiple career moves and delayed retirements, today’s leaders face many challenges in meeting the needs of their employees.  In this course you will gain an understanding of the values and characteristics of the multigenerational workforce which provides insights into their motivations, priorities and expectations. You will learn how to use these insights to become an effective leader in your organization.  In order to retain your best employees and keep the organization effective, it is important to foster a workplace culture where everyone achieves their full potential.

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Managing Performance

Regular feedback, along with productive exchange of information between leaders and their team members, is key to successful performance management. Through this course, you will explore key elements of the performance management process and how leaders and their teams can work together to plan, monitor, and review objectives and contributions to their organizations. You will learn how leaders can effectively communicate expectations to team members and successfully support them to fulfill the expectations. Tools for reviewing and evaluating performance will be discussed. Opportunities to analyze problems, plan strategies, and examine performance management conversations will be included, and tips on motivation, recognition, and retention will be offered.     

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Managing Workplace Conflict

Conflict is normal and inevitable. Even though our associations with conflict may often be negative, working to resolve these differences is often a constructive growth experience – both for the organization and the individual.  This introductory workshop explores concepts and skills that help people prevent, manage or work through conflict in a way that minimizes destructive conflict dynamics and maximizes mutual benefits.

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Orientation, Training and Development

Orientation is not a one-time event.  Together we will explore ways to develop effective orientation programs, assess and determine training needs, situate training and development within an organization’s strategic direction, and measure training results.  

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Speaking with Confidence

Develop and improve your speaking skills!  Do you wonder how to express your ideas to a group?  Do you wish you could find a way to control those jitters?  Presenting your ideas confidently and effectively enhances your ability to communicate in the workplace. You will see and feel an improvement in your presentation skills and confidence by the end of the course.

"If you have trouble speaking in front of others, this class will enable you to be comfortable." (Ethan S.)

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Speaking with More Confidence

You enjoyed “Speaking with Confidence” and saw your skill level and confidence improve. Under the coaching of Tracy Scott, your instructor from Speaking with Confidence, you will further develop your presentation skills and personal style. This one-day workshop will provide additional opportunities to; practice your speaking skills, prepare for and manage questions, build confidence, evaluate your skills and create an attainable action plan. 

NOTE: This course has been specifically designed as a skills-development opportunity for learners who have previously taken LDCT 509V – Speaking with Confidence.

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Strategic Planning

Planning pays off! Learn the basics of the planning process including strategic and tactical/operational planning, as well as time management. Today's supervisors must understand the larger organizational planning picture, vision and mission statements. All these will be discussed in terms of their connection with specific goals & objectives.

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Workplace Communication

Your success in the workplace depends on your ability to communicate effectively. Good leaders are good communicators. This course introduces the critical components of effective communication including non-verbal communication. Through large and small group discussions, paired activities and reflection, ways to improve your interpersonal communication skills will be identified. 

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.


General Interest courses listed below may be eligible for elective credit for those enrolled in the Leadership Development Certificate Program. Please contact the School of Business for further information.

Common Sense Management New

This four-part workshop focuses on the role of the middle manager and the day-to-day trials and tribulations. It will help you understand the difference, as well as the balance, between management and leadership. This session provides you with a roadmap of operational management skills including fundamental “how-to” tips relating to strategy development, motivating and managing individuals, managing customers, operating efficiently and effectively and, managing one’s self. 

2018S LDCT 744G 001 • Jun 4 - Jun 14 (4 sessions) • Donald Caplan
  • Mon Thur • 6:00pm-9:00pm • Interurban
  • $499+GST

Register online or Register by phone, fax or in-person…

Effective Employee Onboarding New

Ensure a smooth transition from best candidate to star employee. Onboarding is the process of socializing new employees into the organization. Onboarding of employees begins well before traditional new-hire orientation and has long reaching implications. At the conclusion of the class, you will have constructed an Onboarding Program for use in your own organization.

2018S LDCT 540G 001 • Jun 6 - Jun 9 (2 sessions) • Catrina Zaza
  • Wed • 6:00pm-9:00pm • Interurban
  • Sat • 9:00am-4:00pm • Interurban
  • $295+GST

Register online or Register by phone, fax or in-person…

Emotional Intelligence meets Office Politics New

In today’s workplace, merit is not enough.  If you’ve been passed-over, out-played, or left-behind, you understand the problem.  This course provides ethical solutions.  We’ll begin with individualized emotional intelligence assessments using the Emotions and Behaviours at Work framework.  Then we’ll apply the principles of self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness, and relationship-management to the age old reality of politics in the workplace.  

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Performing Under Pressure: Developing Mental Toughness

Whether you are a business or sales professional, a leader of a public or private sector organization, a performing artist, or an athlete or coach, performing under pressure is crucial for success. Regardless of the task, pressure can diminish your judgment, attention and ultimately your performance. The inability to manage pressure is one reason why skilled people fail. Based on recent research from neuroscience, leadership studies, and sport psychology, this interactive session will deal with both the physical and mental aspects of pressure and stress. We will explore the mindset of high performers and present several practical solutions to pressure situations. You will create a personalized action plan to help you be your best when it matters most. 

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

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