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Growing Edible Landscapes New

For anyone interested in living more sustainably by growing their own nutrient-rich food, whether they live on a city lot or acreage. This course runs over a series of 7 Saturday mornings, every 2nd Saturday of the month, throughout the growing season, from February to August, and combines classroom sessions with site visits including a local greenhouse, a working permaculture garden, organic gardens, and a farmers' market. Working with Tina Baynes, a well-known professional organic grower, students learn how to create a growing plan for their own particular site and learn how to: decide what to grow; maximize planting opportunities; encourage pollinators; adapt to the seasons and our changing climate; and what to do during each season to create an intensive and productive food system. Emphasis is on developing an appreciation for delicious, abundant food while considering our regional soil, water, pollinators, seeds, and micro-climate. Value added features for students include hands-on demonstrations, on-line resources, and a special August session on ways to preserve the season's harvest. Class meets mornings on the following dates: Feb.13, Mar.12, Apr. 9, May 14, Jun.11, Jul.9, Aug.13.

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Preserving Your Harvest New

Enjoy your favorite fruits and vegetables year round by preserving the season's harvest! Learn the basics of preservation, including canning, drying, and freezing. Workshop participants will gain an understanding of the range of products that can be preserved, as well as the best methods for different ingredients. Includes demonstrations of canning and dehydration.
Note: Students enrolled in "Growing Edible Landscapes", HORT 567G, are automatically included in this workshop at no cost. All others may register independently into this workshop by registering in 2016S HORT 568G 001, "Preserving Your Harvest" as below.

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Landscape Design Fundamentals

For beginner landscape designers or homeowners! You will learn how to design and prepare a small scale residential landscape plan developing basic design skills as you work with an experienced landscape design consultant. Topics include site analysis and concept planning; types of materials available; sun/shade considerations, use of common landscape graphics, and how plants are used as design elements. Students are encouraged to work on their own site plans as they practice their design skills.  An optional final exam is available for those that wish a "Confirmation of Successful Completion”.

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Integrated Pest Management (Pesticide Certificate)

This course prepares you to write the Ministry of Environment exam for a Pesticide Applicator Certificate (Landscape General or Forestry Management) as you learn Integrated Pest Management (IMP) techniques. Topics include: identifying, monitoring, and deciding on various actions for managing pests; spraying, including the use of organically certified chemicals and other pest management strategies; use of pesticides and relevant legislation; ways to protect human health and minimize risks to the environment; and performing calibrations for pesticide application.Common core educational materials are studied in class, with an overview of materials for Landscape General or Forestry Management exams, which are further covered thorough self-study. Out of class study is required. You have the option to write your Pesticide certificate exam at the last class, or write the exam later on your own, or simply take this course for your own knowledge of pest management techniques. (Exam fee of $90 is payable at time of writing your exam). IMPORTANT: YOU MUST HAVE YOUR STUDY KIT FOR THE FIRST SESSION OF CLASS. Email to obtain a list of materials for your category; then order your study kit from the Distribution Centre -Victoria, phone: (250) 952-4460 or 1-800-282-7955 (allow 14 days for delivery or you can arrange to pick-up).

2017W TTCE 507V 001 • Feb 20 - Mar 8 (6 sessions) • Dale Toronitz

  • Mon Wed • 6:30pm-9:30pm • Interurban
  • $150

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Micro Irrigation New

Learn how to design and install or convert your existing system to a micro irrigation system. Are you interested in watering your vegetable gardens, hanging baskets, green house, flower beds, hedges etc.? Are you also interested in conserving water and being exempt from all watering restrictions? This course will introduce you to drippers, soakers, micro sprays, distributors and more. All the information required to design and install your own micro irrigation system in your garden will be covered in this course.  Please bring a pen and paper to class for note taking.

2017W HORT 529G 001 • Mar 11 - Mar 18 (2 sessions) • Steve Gitzel

  • Sat • 9:00am-12:00pm • Interurban
  • $95+GST

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Pruning & Maintenance of Trees

Trees are the most significant plants in the urban landscape. Trees, old and young require special attention to ensure long life, good looks and structural soundness in order to minimize hazard to people and property. A well-positioned and maintained tree adds measurable aesthetic, environmental and monetary value to a property over many years. Join ISA certified veteran arborist and instructor Ron Carter and learn how to properly plant, train, prune and maintain the most common varieties of trees and shrubs. Topics include planting, staking, training, and pruning techniques. Course runs for two evening sessions followed by a Saturday field trip for hands-on practice and observation.  Please contact to place your name on an interest list for future offerings of this course.

2016F HORT 535G 001 • Nov 22 - Nov 26 (3 sessions) • Ronald Carter

Chris Hyde-lay
  • Tues Thur • 6:30pm-9:30pm • Interurban
  • Sat • 9:00am-4:00pm • Off campus
  • $125+GST

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Tree & Shrub Identification

Proper identification of trees and shrubs in a climate where we can grow so much is one of the greatest challenges in coastal horticulture. Know your trees and shrubs! Led by a professional landscaper, tree and garden expert, this course will teach you the basic principles of identification, tree and shrub families, and how to distinguish them by their physical characteristics. Includes a classroom session on Thursday evening and a fieldtrip on the Saturday with a location to be discussed in class.

2017S HORT 421G 001 • Jun 8 - Jun 10 (2 sessions) • Ron Carter

  • Thur • 6:30pm-9:30pm • Interurban
  • Sat • 9:00am-2:00pm • Off campus
  • $115+GST

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