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Bikes at Interurban campus

Camosun encourages and supports the use of alternative modes of transportation to campus both in support of Go Green initiatives and because of the limited availability of parking spaces. Check out all the options for getting here green. Public transportation, bicycle and carpooling to campus are all viable options which reduce parking congestion and help the environment. If bringing a personal vehicle to Campus is a necessity, parking is provided on a first-come, first-served basis—parking spaces cannot be guaranteed or reserved. Information on Parking and Rates

Camosun has adopted a Transportation and Parking Plan which addresses a variety of transportation issues identified by the Camosun community. Camosun is committed to reducing the amount of single occupancy vehicles coming to campus though encouraging alternative modes. Camosun is planning for the future.

Parking and Transportation needs your help to advance the ideas developed in our Transportation and Parking Plan. We’d love to have your energy and enthusiasm! Get involved…


Camosun Express: Pilot Ending March 31st 2014

March 27, 2014 - 8:24 am • Ancillary Services RSS

As of Tuesday, April 1st 2014, the Camosun Express will be on hold until the pilot project is properly evaluated. We appreciate all of the feedback and enthusiasm we have encountered in this special project.Thank you to everyone who chose this alternative mode and we look forward to providing you with details/evaluation of the pilot project as soon as possible. Stay Tuned!

Changing Gears Sustainable Transportation Expo

March 3, 2014 - 9:03 am • Ancillary Services RSS

Everything under one roof for walking, cycling, transit, rideshare, carshare, electric vehicles and electric vehicle conversions that will challenge us to re-think how we get around.

March 22nd - Pearkes Arena - 11am-5pm

Changing Gears is about:

  • understanding the impacts of fossil-fuel transportation on our environment
  • re-designing streets  and urban space to encourage “people places”, interaction, health and vibrancy in our communities
  • developing infrastructures to support “active transportation” (pedestrian and bicycle) lifestyles throughout the Capital Region
  • extending the reach, frequency, comfort and diversity of transit options
  • seeing electric vehicles as a realistic and affordable option for those who require cars

Reallocation of Bus-Service Hours to help with Interurban Pass-Ups (#8 and #39)

February 25, 2014 - 8:19 am • Ancillary Services RSS

B.C. Transit is rolling out changes that include service to Bear Mountain and Westhills, a summer connection to Thetis Lake, and measures to ease the problem of “pass-ups” — people left behind due to crowded buses. Construction also begins next week on bus and bike priority lanes on Douglas Street. Langford Mayor Stew Young has been calling for B.C. Transit to add a Bear Mountain bus. He applauded the Victoria Regional Transit Commission’s approval of the route, which will also cover the fast-growing Westhills community in Langford.

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