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Transportation & Parking

Shifting to a more sustainable future

Active Transportation costs less, is better for the environment and is better for you! Camosun is committed to reducing the number of single-occupancy vehicles driven to the college, and providing our community with opportunities to choose alternatives. We have a comprehensive Parking and Transportation Demand Management Plan and we are committed to providing convenient, sustainable transportation choices to the college community.

Part of Camosun's sustainability plan

Camosun is its people — students, faculty and staff — and one of our biggest strengths is the relationships that we cultivate and keep. We understand our shared responsibility to ensure our actions benefit the environment, the life it supports and future generations.

As leaders and educators, we have an opportunity to be forward-looking, to catalyse innovation, to equip our students and employees for the future and to empower them to be contributors beyond themselves. We want to advance sustainability at Camosun and beyond, and we want to lead by example.

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In the news

Camosun Express Fall Service Ends Dec.4th

November 17, 2015 - 10:30 am • Transportation and Parking • Camosun Staff • Attached Link

A reminder that, as scheduled, the Camosun Express will end its Fall service Dec. 4th, 2015. Thank you to everyone who has made the Camosun Express such a  success! For more information on the Camosun Express including its full schedule please visit our website.

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