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Chairs and Program Leaders - Faculty Development

CETL supports the development of Chairs and Program Leaders at Camosun in a variety of ways, including hosting an annual Chairs' Exchange, the biennial Chairs' Institute and just-in-time workshops and webinars.

Chairs & Program Leaders Reference

The Faculty Development Team in CETL prepared a reference manual to support Chairs and Program Leaders new to the role of Department Chair or Program Leader.

Initially developed in 2007 by Anita Kess (a past Chair of English), Nancy Sly and others have made significant contributions. In the fall of 2010, Joe Benge updated and re-formatted the guide. In 2015, Dianne Biin revised live links and updated policy and services references.

As this is a living document, please let us know ( if you see anything in error or omitted.

  • Full manual PDF
  • Manual includes:
    • A. Your First Days as Chair | page 3
    • B. Interactions Across the College | page 6
    • C. Timetabling and Scheduling | page 11
    • D. Dealing with Interpersonal Issues | page 13
    • E. Interactions with Students | page 21
    • F. Research Issues | page 30
    • G. Rules You Probably Never Thought About Before | page 31
    • H. Hiring and Conversion – Faculty and Staff | page 35
    • I. Money and Budgeting | page 47
    • J. Vacation and Scheduled Development | page 50
    • K. Courses - Current and Future | page 53

Finance 101 Resources

Chris Jones, Camosun's Director of Financial Planning & Accountability, facilitates two workshops annually, usually in May and September. Check for upcoming workshops.

The PowerPoint presentation of the sessions and the expense object code document that is discussed in the sessions are posted on the Finance SharePoint site. Sign in required.

Chairs Institute: Leading from the Middle

A department chair or faculty leader position can be an interesting and exciting opportunity... or it can be a thankless task that is passed amongst the faculty, with everyone reluctantly taking their turn.

Chairs Institute is a three day retreat offered biennially. It provides an opportunity for faculty leaders to improve their skills. It's a chance to ponder, and if appropriate, adjust their methods, behaviours, and attitudes as leaders. The Institutes are based on the premise that leaders best learn how to be leaders from each other. Creativity in leadership is enhanced by mixing leaders from diverse fields, experience levels and interests.

Learn more about the Chairs Institute and register for the next session.

Workplace Solutions for Mental Health

As a Workplace Leader, you can play a key role in creating a psychologically safe workplace. 

Workplace Solutions for Mental Health: Workplace Leader Training is an interactive, self-directed, online training program designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to respond confidently and proactively when you feel an employee's psychological safety is at risk or they are showing early signs of mental illness.

Registration and course information. Sign in required.

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