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Walls Optional - Learning Opportunities

Camosun’s annual Walls Optional conference brings together the college community to share innovative ideas, best practices and resources surrounding teaching, learning and the use of educational technologies. The day is an excellent forum to reflect on teaching practice, showcase skills and provide inspiration for enhancing current teaching methodologies.

Conference updates

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Walls Optional 2018 will be on Thursday, April 26, from 8:30am to 1pm at Lansdowne campus. This year, the theme is the intersections between space and learning, with keynote speaker Adam Finkelstein from McGill University.
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The session schedule has been released (see below), and registration is now open.


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April 26, 2018
Lansdowne Campus

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Walls Optional 2018
Time Session Location
8:30am Coffee and Registration Young 2nd Floor, Room 220
9am Territorial Welcome – Bernadine Mawson
Opening Remarks and Keynote – Adam Finkelstein
Young 216
10:30-11:30am Morning Session various
noon-1pm Afternoon Session various
1pm Lunch Fisher Cafeteria/Courtyard
Location Overview
Time Y 201 Y 211 Y 217 Y 219 Y 227
10:30-10:55am Interdisciplinary Education and Reconciliation Virtual Tour of PKOLS through the lens of the SENĆOŦEN language Student Wellbeing Toolkit! D2L Practical Shop and Lab Rubrics  Nursing Scrub Closet
11-11:25am Getting the Third Degree: Pursuing a Post-Graduate Degree Online Active Learning and the Centre for Health and Wellness 
Time LLC 151 Y 201 Y 211 Y 217 Y 219 Y 227
noon-12:25pm Outdoor Learning Commons Classrooms: spaces for learning? Camosun's Learning App Adventures in Faculty Exchange Virtual Reality - An Instructors' Experience  Student Well-being and Movement: A Photovoice Study
12:30-1pm Room to Breather: Space in Your Curriculum Using Appreciative Inquiry as a Tool for Critical Reflection Cookin' up some Learning 

Morning Sessions

Session Description Presenters Location
Getting the Third Degree: Pursuing a Post-Graduate Degree Online Ever thought about doing an advanced degree online? We will share the challenges and benefits of our online program, and give insight to those considering an online program for professional or personal development.   Tony Vernon
Heather del Villano
Young 219
Interdisciplinary Education and Reconciliation Building on the success of last year's Interdisciplinary Education learning event, a group of faculty organized an opportunity for 180 students from seven different programs to come together around the topic of reconciliation. Hear about the development process, lessons learned, and the impact for both faculty and students. Peter Ove
Michelle Bass
Kerry-Ann Dompierre
Young 201
Student Wellbeing Toolkit! We all hope that positive learning experiences result in greater student wellbeing. But how can we engage students in wellbeing promotion activities more intentionally? Chris and Jen have co-developed a Wellbeing Toolkit featuring Camosun instructors leading the wellbeing challenge with great activity suggestions. Chris Balmer
Jennifer Stein
Young 217
Virtual Tour of PKOLS through the lens of the SENĆOŦEN language Augmented and virtual reality removes the limitations of time and space, allowing us travel from a classroom to the Garry oak meadows and rocky hillsides of PKOLS. Dan Reeve 
Emrys Prussin
Young 211
D2L Practical Shop and Lab Rubrics  The shop projects, which are 50% of some courses, are still marked using paper-based mark sheets. In our ever-changing digital environment, this creates a lot of paper-based revisions and time-consuming faculty input into Gradebooks.
Using D2L digital grading rubrics, and a tablet as an interface, has enabled our instructors to mark shop projects and labs on the shop floor and have those marks immediately entered into the students’ gradebook.
Rod Lidstone
Young 219
Nursing Scrub Closet The collaborative and sustainable Scrub Closet accepts donations of lightly used Camosun uniforms, charging future nursing students $10 per item. Proceeds are awarded annually through the Scrub Closet award, to a BSN student who demonstrates leadership in practice. Last year $880 was awarded! Lorelei Newton
Selena Hebig
Robin Humble
Young 227
Active Learning and the Centre for Health and Wellness  With the student experience at its core, the Centre for Health & Wellness will bring together School of Health and Human Service Programs. We’ll discuss how various IT, furniture and equipment, and building design elements will enhance active learning throughout the building – both within and outside of the classroom. Carly Hall Young 227

Afternoon Sessions

Session Description Presenters Location
Outdoor Learning Commons This alternative classroom space has seating for 40+ and provides opportunities for teaching and learning, collaborating, and gathering. Come outside with us to experience and share innovative ways of using this new space. 

Committee: Chris Ayles, Carly Hall, Peter Ove, Dalia Gonzalez-Harney, Graham McKinnon, Jacquie Conway, Lori Zehr
Outdoor Learning Commons Project Committee LLC 151
Classrooms: spaces for learning? Our classroom spaces can sometimes feel counterintuitive to effective learning processes. Let’s talk about how we can influence the design of classrooms to better support diverse learning & teaching needs. Stu Berry
Sybil Harrison
Young 201
Room to Breathe: Space in your curriculum This isn't about physical space; it's about "breathing space". Educators can be prone to over-prepare; but this dedication to prep can eclipse a wonderful learning opportunity: the "here and now" space that opens up so many refreshing possibilities for learning and dialogue. Darren Alexander Young 201
Camosun's Learning App Participants will hear about the development of and see in action Camosun's learning app ‘Awesominds’. Comments and discussion to follow. Marty Donatelli Young 211
Adventures in Faculty Exchange Join Anne as she shares her experience teaching in New Zealand on a faculty exchange. Learn what is involved, and get inspired to consider the possibility of doing an exchange yourself in the future!  Anne Borrowman Young 217
Virtual Reality - An Instructors' Experience  A retrospective of first time Virtual Reality (VR) users and their experiences introducing VR to their classroom. Brent McMillen Young 219
Using Appreciative Inquiry as a Tool for Critical Reflection While seeking ways to enhance student sense of self-efficacy, a tool was developed for critical reflection. Noting that students often judge themselves harshly when writing a critical reflection, it was decided to encourage a strengths based approach using Appreciate Inquiry to guide the tool development. Initial feedback has been very positive, suggesting that the AI approach does enhance students’ sense of self-efficacy. Erika Paxman
Andrea Turner
Lorelei Newton
Young 219
Student Well-being and Movement: A Photovoice Study Dive into a qualitative study with Camosun students capturing moments when students were moving, and embraced feelings of well-being, and rejuvenation. Learn about the "journey" framework that emerged from student photographs and focus groups, how leisure and nature foster feelings of awe, accomplishment, self-worth. Explore recommendations addressing education to foster a "well" student body.  Tanis Farish Young 227
Cookin' up some Learning  Using food as a vehicle for learning, the Culinary Arts Food Truck offers a multitude of disciplines the opportunity to collaborate and practice applied learning on a single highly anticipated platform. Steve Walker-Duncan
Christopher Hammer
Young 227

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