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Camosun College Strategic Plan

Student Experience Survey

Camosun Student Experience Survey
Results 2017

In Fall 2017, we asked Camosun students about their college experiences. Why did they choose Camosun? What did they think about Camosun? What services did they use? What technology were they using in class? How can we help them?

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Over 2,200 students shared their thoughts. Here's what they had to say:


of students were satisfied or very satisifed with their overall educational experience at Camosun.

Where are students from?

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74% of students are from Vancouver Island.

13.5% of students are from elsewhere in British Columbia and across Canada.

12.5% of students are outside of Canada.

"The diversity of culture and students from all around the globe, allows everyone at the college to gain a little perspective of the real world."

Top 5 reasons students chose Camosun


The types of programs and courses offered


Cost of tuition (relative to other institutions)


Geographical location


Future job prospects


Opportunities for real-world, hands-on learning

"I really enjoy the feel that Camosun has embraced. Even though I head to school almost everyday, I look forward to it because of the instructors and the feel that the school radiates."

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of students said securing a good job, or changing careers and gaining a quality education topped their educational goals

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of students said sustainability on campus was important to them

"I believe that promoting sustainability at Camosun serves as a huge educational base to its students but also as a leading example to the surrounding community."

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would want to live in on- or off-campus residences

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use a laptop or a smartphone to do their classwork

"I really like how the college and its employees are committed to indigenization, as well as a high standard of education."

Focus on the Future

We asked students five open-ended questions requesting written feedback. Many provided insightful ideas on how the college could evolve. Responses under two major themes are summarised here. For each theme we received at least 100 written responses from students.

Student spaces for study and social activities

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Many students expressed an interest in having more access to student spaces, with one of the main areas of interest referenced being the Library. Camosun is working on adjustments to the library schedule and also possible Library enhancements with the development of the new Campus Master Plan.

Use of technology

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There were varied comments made by students in the open-ended questions related to technology. Camosun has made a commitment to improving the student experience with respect to technology including software offerings, source system enhancements and also physical hardware upgrades.

Moving forward

Camosun’s Student Experience Survey will become an annual research tool carried out by Institutional Resesarch and Planning to help the college gather information on current student needs and ensure students receive a positive and supportive educational experience.

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