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Office of the Ombudsman

Student Complaint Process

The Student Complaint Process is for student complaints about teaching and learning, other than those involving grades and formal human rights complaints. At any point in the process, you may contact the Ombuds office for guidance and advice.

Process overview

Informal process


Instructor's Chair

Dean's office

Formal process

Complaint in writing to Dean's office

Meet with Dean

Decision review process

Review by Vice President Education

Informal complaint process

Step 1 - Speak to Instructor

You are encouraged to talk to the instructor first in order to resolve the issue.

Step 2 - Speak to Instructor's Chair

If you're not satisfied at Step 1 or if the circumstances of the complaint make it difficult or impossible to meet with the instructor, you should take your complaint to the Departmental Chair. The Chair will meet with the instructor or the instructor and the student together if appropriate, to discuss the complaint.

If the instructor is the Departmental Chair, you should take your complaint to the Dean.

Although not required at Step 2, you're encouraged to summarize briefly your complaint in writing for discussion with the Chair or Dean.

Step 3 - Register complaint with Dean's office

You may meet with the Dean without preparing your complaint in writing. However, the complaint will not proceed through the formal process if you do not provide the complaint in writing giving relevant details. You should include a suggested remedy.

Formal complaint process

Step 4 - Complaint in writing to Dean's office

If not resolved at the informal level, you should prepares your complaint in writing, submit it to the Dean's office and arrange an appointment through the Assistant to the Dean. A copy of the formal complaint will be provided to the faculty member.

Step 5 - Meet with Dean

You'll next meet with the Dean.

You will receive the decision of the Dean in writing. The Dean will meet with you to explain the decision if you're available. A copy of the written decision will be forwarded to the faculty member and department chair.

Decision review process

Step 6 - Review by the Vice President Education

If you're not satisfied with the decision of the Dean, you have one week (7 calendar days) to deliver a letter requesting a review of the Dean's decision, with the complaint in writing attached, to the Vice President Education's office.

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