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Education Council - Committees

Education Council has three sub-committees that assist the council in decision making by bring recommendations forward. These sub-committees are long-standing and cyclical in nature.

Integrated Curriculum Committee

As a sub-committee of EdCo, the ICC conducts the review of curriculum on behalf of EdCo to:

  • Ensure that Institutional policy and standards have been met
  • Confirm that implementation and operational considerations have been addressed
  • Make recommendations for curriculum approval
  • Refer to EDCO issues/matters that indicate a need for an educational standard/policy or require clarity on the application of a policy or standard

The ICC generally meet once a month for a regular 3 hour meeting. Any unfinished business from this meeting is scheduled for a "carry-over" meeting (approx. 3 hours). Meetings are normally held on Mondays and Wednesdays, between 1-4pm, and alternate between campuses as space allows.

Integrated Curriculum Committee members are appointed by the School's Dean.

Terms of Reference


  • Connie Klassen (ICC Chair)
  • Heather Del Villano, Access
  • Debbie Hlady, Arts and Science
  • Richard Stride, Business
  • Richard Stride, Sport and Exercise Education
  • Cynthia Smith, Health and Human Services
  • Tim Ayers, Trades and Technology
  • Gillyan Haden, Registrar's Office
  • Dianne Biin, Indigenous Education & Community Connections
  • Steven Rumpel, ELT
  • Mavis Smith, CETL
  • TBD, Coordinator Education Approvals (Committee Staff Support)

Education Policy and Standards Committee

As a sub-committee of Education Council, the Policy and Standards Committee is responsible for recommendations to Education Council regarding governance and policy issues and coordinates the development of policy briefings and policy drafts for review, discussion and decision of Education Council.

Meetings are generally once a month and alternate between campuses as space allows.

Terms of Reference


  • Steven Rumpel (Chair)
  • Rashed Al-Haque, Education Policy Specialist
  • Cynthia Wrate
  • Shohreh Hadian
  • Corrine Michel
  • Alison Bowe
  • Racheal Grant

Executive Committee

The Education Council Executive Committee is a sub-committee of Education Council. It reviews requests for agenda items, sets the monthly meeting agenda and reviews emerging issues related to the mandate of the council. The committee also provides advice and direction to the College Curriculum Committee Chair and/or the Coordinator Education Approvals regarding specific curriculum review and approval issues on request.

The Executive Committee normally meets monthly 1-2 weeks prior to the Education Council meeting.


  • Tim Ayers, Education Council Chair
  • Bijan Ahmadi, Education Council Vice-Chair
  • John Boraas, VP Education
  • Scott Harris, Registrar
  • TBD, Permanent Secretary and Coordinator Education Approvals
  • Connie Klassen, Intergrated Curriculum Committee Chair
  • Steven Rumpel, Director Education Policy and Planning (Special Guest)

Ad-Hoc Committees

Education Council establishes an ad-hoc committee when it feels necessary to assist the council in decision-making. These ad-hoc committees are usually short-term, working, and non-cyclical committees that deal with a specific issue.

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