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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Voices of Diversity

Camosun College is rich in diversity and everyone at the college has an important story to tell. Stories are a powerful way of sharing the struggles and joys we face in embracing diversity.

In 2012, a passionate group of employees put together the book "Voices of Diversity", which gave an opportunity for students to share their stories. The Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC) is hopeful that we will be able to undertake a similar project for students and employees to share their diversity stories in the future. These stories help us recognize and celebrate the diversity and common humanity of our college community.

If you are interested in working on this or another initiative that supports the telling of our diversity stories, please contact to share your idea.

Diversity Champions

Support for equity, diversity, and inclusion takes place at every level of the institution. Camosun proudly recognizes individuals who take those extra steps towards making the college a more equitable and inclusive place.

My Camosun - Maelina de Grasse

John Boraas

"Camosun College is a powerful and strong community. Our diversity is a strength that prepares all of us to better understand and enjoy the journey our lives represent. As a member of this community, I learn so much from other people's experiences of culture and ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and language – recognizing the diversity of those experiences makes us stronger, as individuals and as a community."

John Boraas VP Education

"Diversity Management tools of multiculturalism, employment equity, affirmative action, equal employment opportunity, social inclusion, etc., are not user-friendly for the majority of humanity. This is mainly because they do not transform unequal power relations at the interface of sociocultural and demographic diversities.

Acquiring and applying human factor competency to practice Indigenous philosophies of caring and sharing could change this interface in ways that would facilitate sustainable diversities for all."

Francis Adu-Febiri Social Science Instructor

Francis Adu-Febiri
Sherri Bell

"I am a strong believer and supporter of diversity and inclusiveness and am delighted with the work that is being done in this respect at Camosun College. Learning occurs not only in the classroom but also in our interactions with each other; embracing diversity enriches our lives immeasurably!"

Sherri Bell President

"Diversity is more than my experience, my knowledge or my way.  Diversity, to me, is the openness of my mind to accept what is different than me, and the realization of my own uniqueness. Here at Camosun, I enjoy infinite diversity in infinite combinations."

Tersia Fagan Operations Assistant

Tersia Fagan
Rob Sorensen

"Each and every classroom that I enter is filled with interesting, unique, amazing individuals. No two people are alike and that's the beauty of it. Diversity is what makes our life experience rich, vibrant and stimulating. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the Camosun community – a place where we celebrate diversity and truly value people for who they are."

Rob Sorensen Instructor of Finance, Economics, UT Business

"I believe that each and every person who comes to Camosun, whether it's for learning or teaching or working, adds value to our collective community and therefore to our collective diversity. I believe we are a truly diverse community in that the people who pass through our doors feel safe and welcomed and carry a sense of belonging during their journey with us."

Suzanne Wilkinson Indigenous Advisor

Suzanne Wilkinson
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