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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


Join us in our workshops to learn more about diversity and inclusivity-related topics.

Discussions on Diversity September 2015

Camosun College strives to grow and support internationalization throughout the College that reflects the global environment in which our students will live.

In September 2015, the Diversity Advisory Committee, with support from Camosun International, the CCSS and the CCFA, hosted Discussions on Diversity with speaker Alden Habacon.

Alden is the Director of Intercultural Understanding Strategy Development for UBC, and visited us at the Lansdowne campus to facilitate a series of workshops on Interculturalization.


For more information on Alden Habacon's visit, please contact Human Resource Specialist Nancy Sly at

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Ongoing Workshops

Indigenizing the curriculum circle

Participants gain an understanding of the value of indigenizing curriculum for learners, faculty and community. Several educators will share examples of how they have indigenized curriculum and classroom activities.

Intercultural Connections

In this series of four workshops we build on what you learned in TELŦIN TŦE WILNEW (TTW), bridging toward intercultural competence. At the college, Interculturalization encompasses elements of Indigenization, which provides a foundation for domestic understanding of self in relation to this place, colonial history, and Indigenous 'other'; while also focusing on domestic and international culture. Our goal is to assist in the development of a welcoming and inclusive learning environment.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Half-day Retreat

This half day retreat will be a healthful and refreshing half-day immersion in Mindfulness and Stress Reduction. It will benefit participants with improved decision-making, clearer thinking and a boost for the immune system. Research has shown that on-going connection with other Mindfulness practitioners helps to more fully integrate the benefits of MBSR and transfer this learning to the classroom.

TELŦIN TŦE WILNEW – Understanding Indigenous Peoples

This award winning, blended delivery course provides insight into an Indigenous world view, describes the impact of colonization and how it affects students attending the college today, and guides participants in the development of new teaching and learning methods. It provides opportunities for you to work online using Desire2Learn (D2L) as well as face to face (F2F) in discussion groups with an Indigenous facilitator.

Past workshops

These workshops have run in the past and may return if requested. Please contact the appropriate department to request more information.

Assistive Technologies

The Centre for Accessible Learning hosted a one-day collection of brief, introductory workshops on specific assistive technologies geared toward employees. The workshops covered programs such as JAWS (for people who are blind), Dragon Naturally Speaking (speech recognition software), and Kurzweil.

Contact the Centre for Accessible Learning for more information on assistive technologies.

Workplace Solutions for Mental Health: Workplace Leader Training

An interactive, self-directed, online training program designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to respond confidently and proactively when you feel an employee's psychological safety is at risk or they are showing early signs of mental illness.

Contact Peggy Regis at CETL for more information.

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