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  • 1-877-554-7555 (Toll-Free)

Emergencies/Campus Safety: 250-370-3075



Media Relations

Student Concerns

The Office of the Student Support works collaboratively with students, staff, faculty/instructors and community partners to guide and support students on their learning journey towards student success.

School and department directory


Department Lansdowne Interurban Other
Aboriginal, see Indigenous Education & Community Connections
Academic & Career Foundations, see School of Access
Academic Advising 250-370-3980   Contact form
Academic Upgrading 250-370-3295    
Access to Career & Academic Programs, see School of Access
Access, School of 250-370-3295
250-370-4941 Fax: 250-370-3291
Accommodation Listings, see Camosun College Student Society
Accounting & Finance, see School of Business
Accounts Payable 250-370-3033    
Accounts Receivable 250-370-3030    
Administration, Vice President 250-370-3414    
Admissions 250-370-3550
250-370-3550 Toll-free: 1-877-554-7555
Fax: 250-370-3750
Allied Health & Technologies, see School of Health and Human Services
Alumni Relations      
Ancillary Services (formerly Campus Community Services)
Applied Business Technology, see School of Business
Apprenticeship   250–370–3856  
Architectural Trades Department, see School of Trades and Technology
Arts & Science, School of 250-370-3298    
Assessment and Testing Centre 250-370-3597    
Audio-Visual Services 250-370-3064 250-370-3064  


Department Lansdowne Interurban Other
BCGEU Camosun      
Board of Governors      
Bookstore 250-370-3080 250-370-4080  
Building Employment Success for Tomorrow   250-370-4934  
Business, School of   250-370-4565  


Department Lansdowne Interurban Other
Cafeteria, see Campus Caf and Helmut Huber Culinary Arts Centre
Camosun College Faculty Association   250-370-3655  
Camosun College Foundation   250-370-4233  
Camosun College Student Society 250-370-3590 250-370-3868  
Camosun Communications   250-370-4626
Camosun Innovates   250-370-3738  
Camosun International 250-370-3681 250-370-4812
Camosun Technology Access Centre
Campus Community Services, see Ancillary Services
Campus Maps
Campus Security/Emergency 250-370-3075 250-370-3075  
Career Resource Library, see Counselling
Career Services 250-370-4181 250-370-4181 Fax: 250-370-4110
Centre for Accessible Learning 250-370-3312 250-370-4049  
Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Centre for Indigenous Education & Community Connections (Eyēʔ Sqȃ'lewen) 250-370-3299 250-370-4870  
Centre for Sport and Exercise Education   250-370-4700  
Chargers Athletics   250-370-4736  
Child Care Services 250-370-3211 250-370-4880  
Civil Engineering Department, see School of Trades and Technology
ClassRoom Restaurant   250-370-3775  
Community, Family & Child Studies Department, see School of Health and Human Services
Community Learning Partnerships, see School of Access
Computer Lab Schedules
Computer Science Department, see School of Trades and Technology
Conservatory of Music     250-386-5311
Continuing Care Department, see School of Health and Human Services
Continuing Education, see Info Sessions and Calendar Requests
Contract & Customized Training   250-370-4680  
Co-op Education 250-370-4410 250-370-4410  
Counselling 250-370-3571 250-370-4925  
Credentials/Graduation     see also Student Records
Criminal Record Checks, see Student Records
Culinary Arts Department, see School of Trades and Technology
CUPE Local 2081 250-370-3665    


Department Lansdowne Interurban Other
Dental Clinic 250-370-3184   Recorded info: 250-370-3191
Dental Department, see School of Health and Human Services
Desire2Learn (D2L) Support 250-370-3488 250-370-3488
Disability Resource Centre, see Centre for Accessible Learning
Distributed/Distance Education, see Online Options
Diversity Committee 250-370-3004    
Dual Credit, see South Island Partnership (SIP)
Dunlop House Restaurant 250-370-3144    


Department Lansdowne Interurban Other
Economics, Statistics & UT Business Department, see School of Business
Education, Vice President   250-370-4543  
Education Council
Electrical Trades, see School of Trades and Technology
Electronics & Computer Engineering Department, see School of Trades and Technology
Emergency/First Aid 250-370-3075 250-370-3075  
Employment Training and Preparation (ETP)   250-370-4941  
Engineering Bridge Programs, see School of Trades and Technology
English Access Department, see School of Access
English as a Second Language (ESL) 250-370-4951    
English as a Second Language Help Centres
English Help Centres
English Language Development Department, see School of Access
Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Centre for 250-370-4108    
Eyēʔ Sqȃ'lewen - Centre for Indigenous Education & Community Connections (IECC)


250-370-4870 Fax: 250-370-3291


Department Lansdowne Interurban Other
Facilities Services 250-370-3041 250-370-3889  
Facility Rentals 250-370-3403 250-370-3403  
Faculty Association, Camosun College 250-370-3655    
Financial Aid & Awards 250-370-4862 250-370-4862 Toll-Free: 1-877-554-7555
First Aid/Emergency 250-370-3075 250-370-3075  
First Nations Student Association 250-370-3218    
Fitness & Recreation 250-370-3602 250-370-4413 Registration: 250-370-3602
Foundation, Camosun College   250-370-4233  


Department Lansdowne Interurban Other
Health & Human Services, School of 250-370-3161    
Hospitality, Tourism & Golf Management Department, see School of Business
Human Resources 250-370-3004 250-370-3004 Fax: 250-370-3664
Careers at Camosun


Department Lansdowne Interurban Other
Indigenous Education & Community Connections (IECC), Eyēʔ Sqȃ'lewen - Centre for


250-370-4870 Fax: 250-370-3291
Information & Technology Services 250-370-3296 250-370-3296  
Innovates, see Camosun Innovates      
Institutional Research and Planning      
Instructional Skills Workshop 250-370-3498    
International Education, see Camosun International
ITS Service Desk 250-370-3064 250-370-3064


Department Lansdowne Interurban Other
Library 250-370-3619 250-370-3828
Lost and Found 250-370-3041 250-370-3889  


Department Lansdowne Interurban Other
Mail Room/Receiving 250-370-3059    
Management & Human Resource Leadership Department, see School of Business      
Maps, see Campus Maps      
Marketing Department, see School of Business      
Marketing, see Camosun Communications      
Math Access Department, see School of Access      
Math Help Centres and Labs      
Mechanical Engineering Department, see School of Trades and Technology      
Mental Health, see Student Mental Health and Well-being      
Motor Vehicle/Metal Trades Department, see School of Trades and Technology      


Department Lansdowne Interurban Other
Nautical Training, see School of Trades and Technology      
Nursing Department, see School of Health and Human Services      


Department Lansdowne Interurban Other
Office of Student Support   250-370-3841 Cell phone: 250-580-2197
Ombudsperson 250-370-3405 250-370-3405  


Department Lansdowne Interurban Other
Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE)     250-220-2510
Parking, see Transportation & Parking
Partnerships, Vice President   250-370-4681  
Plumbing & Pipe Trades, see School of Trades and Technology
President’s Office 250-370-3408    
Printshop 250-370-3061 250-370-3894 Interurban Satellite: 250-370-3887
Program Review and Renewal, see Centre for Excellence for Teaching and Learning
Purchasing 250-370-3044    


Department Lansdowne Interurban Other
Receiving 250-370-3059 250-370-4045  
Recreation, see Fitness and Recreation
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Trades, see School of Trades and Technology
Registration 250-370-3550 #3 250-370-3550 #3 Toll-free: 1-877-554-7555
Research, see Camosun Innovates or see Institutional Research and Planning


Department Lansdowne Interurban Other
School of Access 250-370-3295 250-370-4941  
School of Arts and Science 250-370-3298    
School of Business   250-370-4565  
School of Health and Human Services 250-370-3161    
School of Trades and Technology   250-370-3822  
Security/Emergency 250-370-3075 250-370-3075  
Sexual Violence or Misconduct, see Office of Student Support
South Island Partnership (SIP)   250-370-4827  
Sport & Exercise Education, Centre for   250-370-4700  
Student Access Services Department, see School of Access
Student Benefit Plan (CCSS) 250-370-3696 250-370-3869 General inquiries: 1-877-746-5566 ext. 7249
Student Employment, see Career Services
Student Experience, Vice President   250-370-4269  
Student Mental Health and Well-being 250-370-3577    
Student Records 250-370-3570   Fax: 250-370-3551
Student Society, Camosun College (CCSS) 250-370-3590 250-370-3868  
Student Support, Office of   250-370-3841 Cell phone: 250-580-2197
Sustainability 250-370-3401    
Switchboard 250-370-3000 250-370-3000  


Department Lansdowne Interurban Other
Technology Access Centre, see Camosun Innovates
Technology Information Line   250-370-4409  
Trades & Technology, School of   250-370-3822  
Trades Development & Special Projects, see School of Trades and Technology
Trades Information Line   250-370-3856  
Transcript Requests, see Student Records
Transfer Credit, see Student Records
Transportation & Parking 250-370-3401    
TTY for Hearing Impaired 250-370-3311 250-370-4051  


Department Lansdowne Interurban Other
Vice President, Administration 250-370-3414    
Vice President, Education   250-370-4543  
Vice President, Partnerships   250-370-4681  
Vice President, Student Experience   250-370-4269  


Department Lansdowne Interurban Other
Walk Safer 250-370-3058    
Web Team Feedback
Well-being, see Student Mental Health and Well-being
Women’s Centre 250-370-3484 250-370-4071  
Writing Centre 250-370-3491

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