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There are 400 species of sharks, and many are endangered or threatened.
I want to change that.

Paige has never liked math, but she does love sharks. And with a determined passion for a career in ocean conservation, she decided to study biology at Camosun. She soon learned that math is needed for any science program, so the first step on her educational journey was to upgrade her math.

As an adult learner with a strong motivation to succeed, Paige found that not liking math didn't mean she couldn't learn it. Camosun's supportive upgrading program proved to be a good fit for Paige, and she was able to bring her grade 9 math skills up to the required grade 12 level, so she could begin the Associate of Science Degree in Biology. Mid-way through that two-year program, she discovered the related, but more career-focused, Environmental Technology diploma program. Paige will end up with two credentials, graduating with the Associate Degree in June 2014 and the longer Environmental Technology program one year later.

"Sharks have been around for 400 million years, and they're an essential part of the food chain," explains Paige. "There is a lack of regulations governing our oceans and sharks are being killed off for no reason other than profit. Science plays a big part in ocean conservation, and by better understanding how sharks contribute to the eco-balance, I hope to contribute to a change in public attitude."

You can do it too!

Offered by Camosun’s School of Arts and Science, the Associate of Science Degree in Biology is a two-year academic credential that is fully transferable into third-year studies at UVic and other BC universities.  The three-year Environmental Technology program also provides two years of transfer credit, combined with practical hands-on skills and experience that make graduates highly employable. The School of Access provides adult learners with all levels of upgrading courses they may need for admission and success in college and university programs.

Change Everything

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