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With skills I learned at Camosun, I now help create sustainable buildings.

When James Puritch first got hired on at Reliable Controls, it was a small electronics company with four other employees. Fifteen years later, Reliable Controls now has more than 100 employees, with 35 of them reporting to James in his current role as Vice President of Research and Development.

James credits Camosun for kick-starting his successful career. In Camosun's two-year Electronics Engineering Technology diploma program he developed fundamental design skills that have stood the test of time, despite the significant changes that have happened with advancing technology. "I've always been mechanically inclined, and enjoy tinkering to make things better. Electronics appealed to me because it's a clean industry, with lots of opportunity for new design work." James converted his diploma into a degree by taking Camosun's six-month Electronics Engineering Bridge program, which launched him directly into third year studies at UVic where he graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering.

With James as part of the leadership team, Reliable Controls has had enviable success within the south Vancouver Island technology sector. Now established in its new LEED Platinum headquarters, the company designs and manufactures environmental controls that are being installed in buildings throughout North America, Australia and beyond. By integrating today's technologies into the controls of yesterday, this award-winning company influences the way buildings operate, making heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems more energy efficient and cost effective while increasing the comfort and safety of the occupants. Simply put, Reliable Controls delivers sustainability one building at a time.

As a successful alumnus, now hires co-op students and grads from Camosun, appreciating the skills and attitudes these new employees bring. In 2011, Camosun's School of Trades and Technology recognized Reliable Controls as Employer of the Year, an award the company also received from the Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Council (VIATeC).

James continues to give back to Camosun by participating on the Electronics Program Advisory Committee. "I think Camosun's great, and an important source of skills and knowledge for our industry," he says. "I'm very proud of my own career, and thankful that I'm able to live in this beautiful city, doing a job that uses my education for something that I believe actually matters."

You can do it too!

Offered by the School of Trades and Technology, Camosun’s two-year Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology – Renewable Resources diploma program combines rigorous academics with hands-on practical experience. The program prepares graduates for employment in a wide range of rewarding careers, and includes an option to gain paid work experience through co-operative education. Grads who choose to continue on to further post-secondary studies are also very well prepared for success, thanks to the Engineering Bridge program offered in partnership with UVic.

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