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Human Resources

Camosun is about its people

Human Resources is an engaged team of professionals who support Camosun's strategic goals by providing progressive HR services and practices to the college's employees, fostering a respectful, healthy and diverse workplace.

Support Services

We are dedicated to creating the best recruitment experience for Camosun applicants, and aim to provide exemplary customer service for employees.

Some of the services the Human Resources department provides to the employees and work place leaders of Camosun College include:

  • Recruitment and hiring support
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Professional HR advice
  • Labour relations
  • Employment equity and diversity consulting
  • New employee onboarding and orientation support
  • Leaves, retirements and vacation advice and support
  • Disability support and return-to-work planning

Principles of Service and Service Standards PDF

Strategic Initiatives

Camosun's Human Resources department researches, develops and implements many strategic initiatives that build on our HR services, support learning and development opportunities for our employees, and strengthen our employees' workplace experience.

Learn more about our strategic initiatives.

Barb Severyn

Barbara J. (Barb) Severyn
Executive Director, Human Resources

Message from Barb Severyn, Executive Director, Human Resources

The faculty and staff at Camosun College all have passion for, and a commitment to, life-changing learning and we are fortunate to share in the sense of belonging as members of a rewarding learning community.

Many organizations claim that their company is 'all about their people'. At Camosun we truly believe our people are our greatest asset and possibly our most valuable resource. The employees who teach our students, lead our organization, deliver our programs and services, manage our finances, and keep our campuses well-maintained and safe, enable us to do the amazing things we do every day.

Camosun's Human Resources department is committed to creating and sustaining a respectful work environment, where we all have the freedom to learn, develop and grow. We are a client-centred team with a focus on service, professionalism, courtesy, and confidentiality.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Camosun community, you can view current postings here. I welcome you to look around and discover why people love working here!


Our Commitment

Camosun's Human Resources department is committed to building a harmonious work environment that is grounded in trust and respect. Read our team charter.

Human Resources Team Charter Inspiring a culture of excellence… leading by example

We commit to building a harmonious work environment that is grounded in trust and respect by:

  • Being self aware and reflective
  • Engaging in respectful, open and honest communication
  • Embracing curiosity by seeking input and being open to different perspectives
  • Assuming others are coming from a place of good intentions
  • Acknowledging and resolving conflict when it happens in a healthy and constructive manner

We commit to making decisions by:

  • Collaborating with others as appropriate and knowing when to bring consultation to a close
  • Basing decisions on facts and information

We commit to being accountable by:

  • Creating a safe environment where people can take informed risks, learn from their mistakes and engage in difficult conversations
  • Ensuring the ability to deliver on commitments

We commit to providing appreciation and support by:

  • Valuing each member of the team for their uniqueness and recognizing what they bring
  • Understanding each other's roles
  • Asking for and offering help—and knowing that we are there for one another
  • Celebrating milestones both big and small as they happen
  • Inspiring each other to grow and challenge our limits

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