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Peter LockieIt is my great pleasure to welcome you to Camosun College. For more than 40 years, Camosun has built a strong and well-deserved reputation for our focus on our students, our quality programming, our highly professional faculty and staff, and our accessibility and community-mindedness.

When you walk our campuses, you will notice a tremendous sense of purpose. Our academic, cultural, social and physical environments supplement and inspire relevant, experiential, real-life learning.

Learning is about growth; it is about transformation. It is what makes Camosun a progressive, positive, life-changing experience. When students come to Camosun, they discover their passions, gain critical skills and knowledge, and learn to be courageous and confident in themselves.

Our impact as a college extends well beyond our highly skilled, job-ready graduates. We provide contract training opportunities for local business; research, innovation and prototyping services for industry; and well-trained co-op students for employers. With 18,500 learners each year, over 900 employees and a budget of $114 million, Camosun is one of our community’s top ten employers and generates close to $1 billion in economic impact in our province every year.

Camosun College is a major contributor to the well-being of our community, our economy, our society. Whether it is researching new products, working with community agencies or educating our future ship builders, nurses, biologists and accountants, at Camosun, people learn that they can change their lives, their future, their world. They can change everything.

We have many exciting programs and projects, and I look forward to working with you—our learners, our colleagues, our community—as we move ahead toward a better future for all.

Peter Lockie
Interim President
Camosun College
President's Office


Rosemary Smedley
Executive Assistant
Telephone:  250-370-3408

Camosun facts

  • 18,500 learners annually
  • 1,000 Aboriginal students from over 50 nations
  • 550 International students from more than 40 countries
  • 160+ certificate, diploma and bachelor's degree programs
  • 900 employees
  • $114 million annual budget
  • $900+ million in economic impact per year
  • 94% of recent graduates satisfied/very satisfied with their education
  • 87% of graduates live and work in our region
  • 97% of graduates live and work in BC

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